Friday, 10 April 2009

Back to the beginning

I am no longer panicking about my new haircut vs my clothes. I am actually feeling rather refreshed, and leaning on the more androgyne side of my style sense for a change. Since I had the haircut, the clothing inventory has become really easy, but sadly, not on all fronts.

In one of my first entries for this blog I wrote about shoes, or more precicely, about the difficulty of getting rid of them. I love shoes. There was a time when I probably had more than 100 pairs. The key to my clothing inventory has been to get rid of the items that a) I no longer even remember having, b) don't fit me, and c) don't make me feel giddy inside. (Right now I feel like tossing aside 85% of the contents of my wardrobe.)

When it comes to shoes the process feels a lot trickier. I remember every single of pair of shoes I have ever purchased. I love certain shoes even if they don't fit me, which leads to me feeling giddy inside about almost every single pair that I own. In my first shoe post over a year ago, these were the shoes I was contemplating on selling, but didn't:

The pink kgs by Kurt Geiger I have never worn outside of my own home because they are impossible to walk in. The blue ones I wore a lot circa 1998, and they have sentimental value despite the fact that they are so late 1990s that it is not even funny, not to mention that back in the day I found it fun to toiter along in impossible shoes that give no support to my feet. That is no longer the case, really, but what am I supposed to do with them now?

A year ago I also mentioned these:

These platform heeled Morgans are actually relatively comfortable, but I am close to 6"4 in them. Not that I mind being tall, and I do think they are really cool shoes, but after 5 years of having had them, one would think that I should have worn them more than once, right? Or what about these:

These really cheap ankle boots are from DinSko, and despite the fact that they are poor quality, they are actually sort of comfortable. I have only worn them a handful of times though, because I have other ankle boots that are either more comfortable, or simply cooler. And don't even get me started on the myriad selection of vintage shoes that I have. Take these for example:

These suede shoes are something I have never seen before. They are really comfortable, and I love the buckles, but they somehow scream "grandmother" in a way that I have not managed to wear them in public once. I simply cannot build an outfit around them. Or what about these ones:

The ones on the left are a half a size too big, but I keep thinking that perhaps I could wear them with thicker stockings. The ones in the middle are a half a size too small, but I keep thinking that my feet will magically shrink one day. The ones on the right are the right size, but the shape is a little off and the fit is just not right for me. Considering that I will most likely walk around in brogues for the following 5 months as I did last summer, should I just get rid of them all..? What should I do?


DVM said...

I say ditch them (or better yet, sell them and get some money). Having just moved, and having had to deal with all the shoes, etc. I have that I never wear, I did manage to give away some things, but then ran short on time, and ended up having to pack and move some things that I really should have just given away to begin with. It's odd that we get so attached to things that having them, yet never using them, seems like a more acceptable scenario than just getting rid of them, but in the end, it's really what must be done. At least for the ones that don't fit--nothing is ever going to make them work, so free yourself of them! Look at it as a chance to fill the space that they once occupied with a great new pair of stylish, well-fitting shoes (even though I know you're also trying to shop less too). Some people find getting rid of stuff really freeing, and it makes them feel great, me, I only sometimes feel a little better, and pretty much always have feelings of regret (I just can't turn off the nagging "What if I might have worn
them someday" refrain), but in the end you really do know deep inside that it's what must be done. It's just a matter of when you (can) do it.

Good luck!

Eyeliah @ said...

I think the granny ones are cool, I'd keep those but get rid of the rest, they are just weighing you down!

Vasiliisa said...

Gosh, I wish I knew... Well, the too small ones are not a keeper. That much I do know. I have heard that people's feet have magically gotten bigger (due to weight gain or having babies), but not smaller. I have also gotten rid of shoes that are WAY too painful to wear. But if they're wearable, it's a lot tougher.

wrennybird said...

At least sell the ones that don't fit (because you're feet aren't going to magically change). Then you can buy shoes that you love AND fit!
I'm trying to get in the habit of maintaining equilibrium by pulling out something to sell or donate every time I bring in something new.

Karima said...

it is comforting to know that others have this problem too - i think it is because shoes always feel great in the store and walking around at home, and only start pinching once there are worn outside and therefore cannot be returned! i'm down to about 12 pairs now, having ditched every single one that gave me blisters or made me teeter. do i regret it? no!
too small shoes can be stretched and you can put insoles in the too big ones.
the granny shoes are kind of cool, the rest - aufwiedersehen!

kasia said...

hmm, you can sell them on your blog :) a la

if you aren't sure about a pair, why not try making an outfit around them and wearing them out for awhile? how you feel should tell you if you're likely to ever wear them again.