Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Stuff Strikes Back

Okay, the day has finally come. Tomorrow I will be selling this (and more, believe it or not) at the Valtteri flea market.

This is what I wore today:


Anonymous said...

This is a very comfortable looking, attractive outfit! I think I have seen that skirt before!! Chris R.

laura said...

aww, great. i wish i could have visited that flea market - i guess there were so many nice things there! (: i really like your style.

Eyeliah SS said...

Good job unloading!

M said...

I love the fabric in that skirt. Nice outfit.

Good luck at the fleamarket!

Vasiliisa said...

I wish I could have come... Just came back from Estonia on Sunday evening.

The Waves said...

Chris: yeah, I think the both of us have seen that skirt before! :)

laura: the flea market was crazy... there were so many people, but there was so much stuff unsold in the end that I will probably have to go again. :)

Eyeliah: but more needs to be done! :)

Vasiliisa: there will be a next time! :)