Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Lesson on how to make one's legs look stumpy: wear strappy ballerinaesque shoes with mid-calf lenght trousers!

On a different note: Yay! Vogue Collections is out!

Could someone who knows Cesare Paciotti tell him that he simply must send me these shoes! I will settle for just one pair, too, if need be.


M said...

Oh come on, you can´t call those things shoes! They are...horrible! :)

On the other hand... You look lovely as always my dear, very lovely indeed!!!

Eyeliah SS said...

I like the shoes, but yes wear with a short skirt, or any time with black leggings.

Eda said...

Lovely shoes! PS:There is a cute award waiting for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

where did you gets your flat shoes? they are adorable!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Those shoes are so different... and yet very cute!


The Waves said...

M: what do you mean, horrible? Honey, are you not seeing clearly? :)

Eyeliah: yup, you got that right!

Eda: Yay, thank you!!!

Anon.: the shoes are SthlmDG, I bought them at One Way in Helsinki.

C.Elizabeth: I know! I think they provide the perfect combination of cute and tough. :)