Saturday, 27 June 2009

Summer style

Summer is difficult when it comes to wearing clothes. I remember writing about this a year ago already, so I will not ramble on too much. Let's just say that sun + heat + pale skin = trouble. It has been really warm in Helsinki for the past couple of days. This is how I was trying to enjoy the sun while protecting myself yesterday:

Dress: Selected Femme
Scarf: second-hand
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Book: Forster's Passage to India
Flowers: self-picked and arranged!

I did a decent job because I only have sunburn on the back of my neck and my right cheek. Today was a little cooler, so I did some layering. Yes, you see correctly: I am wearing short leggings with silk shorts. I know, the combination is questionable, and definitely a little odd, but I am not ashamed to admit that I love the ensemble.

Jeans jacket: second-hand Diesel
T-shirt: Indiska
Silk shorts: Selected Femme (sample sale: 10 euros!)
Leggings: Selected Femme
Sandals: H&M
This is what I wore on Monday.

Top: Selected Femme
Trousers: Diesel
Pendant: ragtrader @
Sandals: Max&Co.
Sunglasses: Accessorize

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Introducing Patrik Prusak's Patrik <3 Jenni

What happens when an über-cool up-and-coming clothing designer and an artist with serious street cred put their heads together? Well, the end result is a collection of flashy yet refined, wonderfully wild yet beautifully balanced clothes that are not only striking but also covetable. The designer in question is Patrik Prusak and his partner in crime is the artist Jenni Hiltunen.

Rhaoni in fur - photo by Paavo Lehtonen

Featuring both women's and menswear, the items in the collection range from fantastically out-there fur (check out the white-red-and-blue patched fur jacket and the laptop case below) to Jenni Hiltunen's graphic black-and-white prints featured in simple tops and sweatpants for men, and knitted scarves, kneesocks and t-shirt dresses for women. There were pleated trousers, airy batsleeved blouses and masculine trench coats in gray organza, as well as patterned vinyl jackets and white leather trousers. The collection is wonderfully modern in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, but it is strikingly wearable, and the best of all, not gender-specific. I got to participate in the presentation of Patrik's collection; first in a photo shoot with Paavo Lehtonen, and then as a model at TaiK's spring fashion show.

Yours truly, feeling seriously hip and urban - photo by Paavo Lehtonen

Jenni models the laptop case, made of individual patches of dyed fur.

Patrik dresses Rhaoni

Rhaoni wears head-to-toe print

Serious fringing

The fashion show was so much fun! I have to wonder though; with so much talent in this country, why is there no serious interest in graduate fashion shows from the media's side? It is in graduate shows where the next generations of fashion are slowly but surely emerging, and it is there that truly new ideas and fashions reside.

The catwalk photos are by Leena Aro, from Pintaa.

Oink, oink!

I am back in Finland, and just got tested for swine flu. Yes, the pandemic might have reached No Signposts! Shock! Horror! Naah, there is no reason to panic. All I have is a sore throat and a runny nose, but the local health authorities recommend that all people who have just returned from the US and experience sudden cold or flu-like symptoms should get tested. I am sure it is just a regular cold. I don't even have a temperature.

This is what I wore last week Thursday when myself, Chris and a couple of friends went for dinner at The Chestnut Inn at Oquaga lake. Beautiful place, excellent crème brûlée!

The dress is by Cheap Monday, the shoes Jessica Simpson (I laugh every time I think about Jessica Simpson designing shoes - but they are great shoes!!!), and the handbag is a flea market find.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Unusual suspects

I am sure almost everyone has a number of clothing stores and/or designers that they would not want to be associated with. Want-to-make-the-world-a-better-placers avoid H&M, just like high-end fashion shoppers do. My guess is that a lot of 30+ fashionistas try to steer away from Abercrombie or Gina Tricot, just like 15-year-olds probably don't want to shop in Anttila or Talbots. Sometimes it is a question of ethics, sometimes it comes down to age, or style of a particular brand. However, there are times when all you want to do is break your old patterns. This week, I found great things at Bebe:

Now, Bebe has quite a few things that would normally make me steer far away from it. The music in the stores is horrendous. The sales assistants tend to wear clothes that a) are two sizes too small, and b) would suit Paris Hilton. The clothes are mostly manufactured in China, and they are expensive for what they are. Walking past though, I caught a glimpse of a great gray shredded skirt, and in I went!
I also found this sculptured-looking top:

As if that wasn't enough of strange shopping, I also bought a pair of Jessica Simpson heels the same day. Yes, that would be Jessica Simpson, the singer. Or is she a singer? I think she used to be, at least. Anyway, they are great shoes; very comfortable for their height, and the style is simply fab.

It does not end here though. Did anyone know that Carlos freakin Santana has a shoe brand too? I do now.

On a different note, my trip visiting Chris is sadly almost over. There is a lot I could write about that, but oh well, let's just say that I'll be coming back very soon. Here are some stats from my visit:

Number of road trips: 2 (one to Ithaca, one to Buffalo)

Films seen in the cinema: Up (lovely), Star Trek (hmm, not too bad)

Films to be seen in the cinema: Drag Me to Hell (great expectations)

Films seen on DVD: Twilight (the worst acting I have ever seen), Let the Right One In (great vampire film!), Howl's Moving Castle (love Miyazaki, of course)

Number of days with great weather: 4

Soundtrack: Bat for Lashes, Phoenix, Ani diFranco, The Go! Team, Neutral Milk Hotel

Number of cats around: daytime 3/5, night time 5/5

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chasing waterfalls

I have been such a bad blogger lately! I attended a very cool fashion event last week (more of which later, once I get my pictures organized), and currently I am keeping busy in upstate New York. Me and Chris visited the Taughannock waterfalls yesterday.

This is what I wore: I bought the necklace at Heathrow airport. Hmm, there is something good about long layovers after all...

I also found the time to get these Kurt Geiger shoes:

And here is a random outfit from last week that I forgot (read: didn't have time) to post.