Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Introducing Patrik Prusak's Patrik <3 Jenni

What happens when an über-cool up-and-coming clothing designer and an artist with serious street cred put their heads together? Well, the end result is a collection of flashy yet refined, wonderfully wild yet beautifully balanced clothes that are not only striking but also covetable. The designer in question is Patrik Prusak and his partner in crime is the artist Jenni Hiltunen.

Rhaoni in fur - photo by Paavo Lehtonen

Featuring both women's and menswear, the items in the collection range from fantastically out-there fur (check out the white-red-and-blue patched fur jacket and the laptop case below) to Jenni Hiltunen's graphic black-and-white prints featured in simple tops and sweatpants for men, and knitted scarves, kneesocks and t-shirt dresses for women. There were pleated trousers, airy batsleeved blouses and masculine trench coats in gray organza, as well as patterned vinyl jackets and white leather trousers. The collection is wonderfully modern in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, but it is strikingly wearable, and the best of all, not gender-specific. I got to participate in the presentation of Patrik's collection; first in a photo shoot with Paavo Lehtonen, and then as a model at TaiK's spring fashion show.

Yours truly, feeling seriously hip and urban - photo by Paavo Lehtonen

Jenni models the laptop case, made of individual patches of dyed fur.

Patrik dresses Rhaoni

Rhaoni wears head-to-toe print

Serious fringing

The fashion show was so much fun! I have to wonder though; with so much talent in this country, why is there no serious interest in graduate fashion shows from the media's side? It is in graduate shows where the next generations of fashion are slowly but surely emerging, and it is there that truly new ideas and fashions reside.

The catwalk photos are by Leena Aro, from Pintaa.


Anonymous said...

Interesting clothes, honey! This is the first catwalk photo I've encountered of you, so I'm very thankful to see it here. You look lovely as always, Waves, Chris R.

Slanelle said...

it's so cool !! i'm so jealous, i'd love to be on a catwalk, but i'm so small that's neeeever gonna happen!

Andrea S. said...

Those pleated pants! I'm in love!

Margaret said...

You look amazing! How cool to be in a photo shoot and runway show.

P.S. Sorry I've been a bad fan. Just been so busy. Forgive me. Still love your blog!

The Waves said...

Chris: I hadn't seen a catwalk picture of myself in a looooong time; very cool, slightly surreal to see oneself in a setting like that.

Slanelle: well you never know... this show had a lot of "normal people" as models. It was so much fun!

Andrea S.: yes I know! They were incredible! All the organza pieces were gorgeous.

Margaret: I'm glad you stopped by, oh I miss wrennybird! :)