Thursday, 11 June 2009

Unusual suspects

I am sure almost everyone has a number of clothing stores and/or designers that they would not want to be associated with. Want-to-make-the-world-a-better-placers avoid H&M, just like high-end fashion shoppers do. My guess is that a lot of 30+ fashionistas try to steer away from Abercrombie or Gina Tricot, just like 15-year-olds probably don't want to shop in Anttila or Talbots. Sometimes it is a question of ethics, sometimes it comes down to age, or style of a particular brand. However, there are times when all you want to do is break your old patterns. This week, I found great things at Bebe:

Now, Bebe has quite a few things that would normally make me steer far away from it. The music in the stores is horrendous. The sales assistants tend to wear clothes that a) are two sizes too small, and b) would suit Paris Hilton. The clothes are mostly manufactured in China, and they are expensive for what they are. Walking past though, I caught a glimpse of a great gray shredded skirt, and in I went!
I also found this sculptured-looking top:

As if that wasn't enough of strange shopping, I also bought a pair of Jessica Simpson heels the same day. Yes, that would be Jessica Simpson, the singer. Or is she a singer? I think she used to be, at least. Anyway, they are great shoes; very comfortable for their height, and the style is simply fab.

It does not end here though. Did anyone know that Carlos freakin Santana has a shoe brand too? I do now.

On a different note, my trip visiting Chris is sadly almost over. There is a lot I could write about that, but oh well, let's just say that I'll be coming back very soon. Here are some stats from my visit:

Number of road trips: 2 (one to Ithaca, one to Buffalo)

Films seen in the cinema: Up (lovely), Star Trek (hmm, not too bad)

Films to be seen in the cinema: Drag Me to Hell (great expectations)

Films seen on DVD: Twilight (the worst acting I have ever seen), Let the Right One In (great vampire film!), Howl's Moving Castle (love Miyazaki, of course)

Number of days with great weather: 4

Soundtrack: Bat for Lashes, Phoenix, Ani diFranco, The Go! Team, Neutral Milk Hotel

Number of cats around: daytime 3/5, night time 5/5


Eyeliah SS said...

That skirt is amazing! It's true that you can find the best stuff in the worst stores.... and visa vewrsa. I so want one of these skirts too!!

M said...

Hienoja löytöjä! Tule pian kotiin!!!

Oh and I'm sure this is not a surprise: I love Twilight! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey honey! It is always fun shopping with you! And you look beautiful in these outifts!! oxox, CR

PUNKIE said...

lovely skirt! and the shoes are awesome!

Haidi said...

Ihana tuo röpyliäinen (onks se edes oikea sana?!?) toppi ja hame!

M said...

Näytät mielettömän upealta topissa+hameessa!

Jocelyn said...

Hey Buffalo! You were in my backyard! Did you see the falls and go to Canada?

The Waves said...

Eyeliah: I am so in love with my skirt... I am so happy I found it! I think it is available online.

M: I was a little upset with the bad acting on Twilight... the story is wonderful and the characters are oh-so-pretty! But the acting! Come on, I would have done better!

Chris: and who said men aren't great shopping companions..? :)

PUNKIE: thanks! It was worth it to look beneath the celebrity name tags!

Haidi: mä veikkaan että se ei ole oikea sana. :D

M: kiitti pulu!

Jocelyn: We didn't have the time to go to the falls, although I have seen them before... Next time we'll go though, I think. :)