Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Looking for a look

I am not a label lover. I often find "total looks" annoying; I would never wear one designer or brand head to toe. However, if I had to, I think I'd go for Dries van Noten. I often end up loving whatever he puts out on the runway. There is something about the way he combines colours, textures, prints and lengths that fascinates me. I see a hint of timeless Hitchcock heroine in his approach to fashion, but it is always done with a modern twist. More importantly, his work is often free of one-hit-wonders and obvious trends. Recently I have been completely obsessed with his work from the past and the present:

autumn / winter 2004

autumn / winter 2005

spring / summer 2007

autumn / winter 2007

spring / summer 2008

spring / summer 2009

autumn / winter 2009

Great stuff, right? Well, then I got my hands on Dealer de Luxe's issue 19, and saw the editorial titled Popsicle, photographed by David Shama, styled by Monia Benayicherif:

Oh, the colours! The shapes! Fast-forward to last Sunday, and me at Hietsu flea market, hunting for items to satisfy my hunger for colour... and these are the treasures that I found:

The mustard colour linen coat was a real find. It was a part of a suit, but the trousers were horrendous, and I managed to persuade its previous owner to only sell me the top part. The red skirt is made of polyester, but the cut is wonderful, if not quite Dries van Noten-like... but oh well! The green silk trousers are perfect for warm summer days, and great for layering. The patterned blue-and-white suit (blouse and skirt) looks really granny-ish (not in a good way), but both items are wonderful when worn separately. Here are my outfit results:

Perhaps this look is a little more grown-up than what I am used to wearing, but who cares. I am happy with the freakish colour combos and the strange shapelessness. I hope it doesn't all look too retro, though.


Anonymous said...

The linen coat is amazing, hon, and I love the outfits you created from your finds. I love this designer too...so many of the outfits would look wonderful on you, and there were a few that seemed designed for you to model. Great stuff, Waves!!! :) CR

Eyeliah SS said...

These are some inspired outfits, I am saving some to my inspiration book. I love all the pieces and even more together. Great styling!

Charlotte Drene said...

Oooh I love!

M said...

IHANIA!!! Sulla on kadehdittava silmä ja tyylitaju!