Friday, 21 August 2009


Chris has been taking me around my new home town. There are literally dozens of gorgeous late 19th and early 20th century buildings in the downtown area, but to my shock and horror, they are mostly abandoned. Chris tells me that this is a common phenomenon in this part of the United States. As people flock into suburbs and malls, old downtowns lose their appeal to the public, if they ever really had one in the first place. To me, it is a crime to leave these types of buildings without the respect and care they deserve:

I couldn't even imagine seeing something like this in Europe, windows boarded, roof growing weeds. I am sure this place must have a ton of history that no one is interested in restoring. Did someone live here? Perhaps it used to be a church? I am thinking about getting in touch with the local history society in order to find out more about these buildings, and why they are in the state they are.

This is what I wore yesterday:

Organza top: UFF (1 euro score!)
Top underneath: Wrangler
Skirt: Bebe
Shoes: One Way
Sunnies: Accessorize

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