Saturday, 1 August 2009

Stop shopping future waste! plea

Wow, it is August already! I went a little nuts today, at UFF. Or actually it was three UFF stores, but hey, who's counting! So yes, it was that day of the season when everything cost 1 euro. It is really easy for things to get out of hand when everything is so cheap; there is a fine line between clever bargaining and pure greed. I was happy with myself in the end though. I didn't buy anything just because it was cheap.

What got me worried, though, was the (lack of) quality of the clothes available. Considering that the best items had been snipped earlier (and for more money), I guess it is only natural that there isn't a lot of good stuff to choose from on the last day of the sale. But the amount of bad quality stuff is worrisome. Today I witnessed piles and piles of cheap-ass KappAhl and Lindex pieces not finding a new home. How will it be in five or ten years, when charity stores and second hand boutiques drown in cheaply manufactured Gina Tricot and H&M clothes? Or who knows, perhaps this is happening already, but I am just not seeing it yet. After having been on a couple of more or less unsuccessful H&M strikes before, I sincerly hope that this was my final wake-up call. I declare: I will stop shopping at these types of waste-producing stores. The only exception I'll make is for underwear. Who's with me?

Well, like I mentioned above, I went a little nuts at UFF. I tried on the craziest things, just for a laugh, and found myself buying really random items, but I believe all of them to be a) very wearable, and b) certainly unique. Pictures are coming soon! This is what I wore today:

Top: Selected Femme; Top underneath: H&M; skirt: American Apparel; Tights: Cyber Shop; Cardigan: Lindex; Scarf: Diesel; Shoes: Kurt Geiger; Necklace: flea market


Milla said...

ahm with ya! In fact I've been at it (save for about one exception a year) for two and a half years now. It's pretty easy in the end.

The Waves said...

Milla: yay, I am glad someone is! I am surprised that I haven't done this earlier. I just moved house and was horrified about how much junk I have... it was about time!