Saturday, 26 September 2009

Falling for Fall

Me and Chris woke up this morning realising that autumn has arrived. Sheesh, it has felt chilly today! We went to the local farmers' market, and got all sorts of wonderfully organic and locally produced foods: apples, pears, carrots, peppers, ground beef, chicken, potatoes, garlic, cereal, tomatoes, plums, home-baked bread... we got to the market too late to get eggs, which was too bad. Once again, I am urging everyone to go see Food, Inc., and to start buying your groceries at local farmers' markets - it really makes a difference! If you think going organic and/or local is too expensive, consider that two huge green peppers or six ripe pears at the farmers' market cost as much as a can Coke. Think of it as an investment towards your future health and the health of our food industry.

This is what I am wearing today:

Cardigan: Salvation Army
Top: Max&Co.
Skirt: H&M
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Coat: Max&Co.
Shoes: Vagabond


laura said...

love your outfit! that green is fantastic. (:

Anonymous said...

This was such a beautiful leaf! We hadn't expected to see one so beautiful so early in autumn. And the farmers market was wonderful! Many of the fruits and vegetables looked dramatically different than the ones we see in grovery stores added to their appeal, I think, that they were such oddballs! (And certainly to their taste...the things we've sampled so far have been exceptionally tasteful, and fresh.) AND...most importantly...Tiia looked remarkably lovely in this outfit...the colors were combined in a surprising, yet exceedingly interesting way...she was my own autumnal leaf, except her beauty does not fade (AND we will not be pressing HER between the pages of a nook!! :) Chris R

Anonymous said...

You're smiling in one of the pics. Lovely. :)

I'd love to buy local, but in Finland that would mean I'd eat only lettuce, potatoes, carrots and other roots. Unless you know of any farms in the summer time. Do you know of any co-op farms in the Helsinki area where you can help out with the harvesting and take a share?

The Waves said...

laura: thanks, and thanks for the sewing info you gave me at your comments section! :)

Chris: hmm, yes, I would greatly appreciate the no-pressing-me-between-pages-of-a-Book. :)

Anon.: oh I should smile more often, I know! Taking outfit pictures is definitely not serious business. :) As for co-op farms in the Helsinki area, I don't know of any. Buying specifically local is definitely more difficult in Finland - here in the US there are farmers' markets everywhere; you just have to look for them a little. In Finland I would encourage buying at least domestic (and organic) if not local: the distances are not as crazy as they are here, where a head of lettuce in the supermarket has travelled some 2000 miles. I guess with the EU and imported foods it might eventually become impossible to track down domestically produced foods. I just hope that EU regulates its food production better than the US.