Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Random Ramblings on a Wednesday

I have been listening to Monsters of Folk all day - what a great band! I don't think there is any need to label them as the latest "super group", because quite frankly, the music speaks for itself. You can listen to the entire album at their MySpace. This is what I am wearing today:

T-shirt: Salvation Army

Trousers: Acne

Necklace: JBLChicBoutique at Etsy

We found these handmade brass utensils at a gift shop sale the other day. They were 75% off, which came in handy.

Our preparations for fall include cutting down the pine tree behind me. It grows too close to our big maple, and because it doesn't have any space to grow up, it is expanding horizontally - not a pretty sight all things considered. Since we are planning on revamping the back yard to include a little veggie garden next spring, the pine has to go. This is what I wore on Monday:

Jumper: Chris' old (or current, because he insists that he will still wear it - we shall see)
Trousers: Diesel
Shoes: Diesel
Scarf: Zara


Eyeliah said...

Cute looks, you are settling in nicely I see. Will have to check out that band, always looking for new music.

abby said...

it all sounds so lovely. the pine, the veggies. sounds like you have a lovely happiness about. yea!

The Waves said...

Eyeliah: yeah, settling in takes a while but it is a pleasant process! Definitely look up MoF, I think they are great! If you are a fan of My Morning Jacket or Bright Eyes, you'll love the combo. :)

abby: I am probably way too ambitious with this whole idea with the veggie garden, but oh well, I am going to give it a try at least! Happiness there is, and for the most part I believe that you make it yourself - it is not always easy, but I do think we are essentially responsible for our own happiness. :)