Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Silver, silver!

I have missed thrifting. When me and Chris started planning my move to the US, it became impossible to acquire any new (old) stuff - there was simply no space for it while I was in the process of packing things away in my old flat. (Needless to say, I have a lot of pretty, old things stored away in Finland, waiting to be shipped one way.) This past weekend we visited a couple of local antique stores, and came upon some wonderful items.

All of these pieces are from a lovely store called Rambling Rose in Endicott, NY. Alongside the antique store, they actually have a real, old-fashioned tea room, which was sadly closed during our treasure hunt. First, a silver & glass butter container:

A roast fork:
And a wooden box containing...

... 35 pieces of spoons, forks and knives! A couple of knives are missing, but oh well. I am all for imperfection anyway.

There will be a lot of polishing within the next day or two, and I have promised to do all of it. This is what I wore today:

T-shirt: Gina Tricot
Cardigan: Silence & Noise / Urban Outfitters
Trousers: H&M
Belt: second hand
Shoes: Zara

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HouseMouse said...

These are beautiful. If you are interested in completing the set, www.replacements.com has thousands of patterns in stock and might be able to match yours!