Sunday, 25 October 2009

Autumn Activity

We are currently enjoying the last beautiful days of autumn - you know those bright and crispy ones. The leaves on the trees are just on the brink of turning from bright orange and yellow to mushy browns and grays, and I have the strangest craving to listen to The Beach Boys. Our weekend involved the weekly trip to the local farmers' market, plans for renewing our kitchen, a couple of movies and a stroll in the park.

We went to see the much-hyped Paranormal Activity on Friday. I didn't think much of The Blair Witch Project when it came out, so naturally I found the comparisons a little worrying beforehand. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this was the scariest film I have ever seen, but I thought the experience was well worth the hype. There were some seriously frightening scenes in the movie, and the really spooky stuff definitely stayed with me afterwards. For me, Paranormal Activity is one of those films that you need to make scary for yourself - later on I have realised the same about The Blair Witch Project. This is not to say that the films are not scary enough; I just think it is essential to loosen up one's own imagination and to really go with the story even further than what the movie suggests - me and Chris debated about the current whereabouts of the demon a couple of hours after watching the film.

Jacket: second hand / Fida
Cardigan: Jones New York / Salvation Army
Dress: Rosebullet / Spirit Store
Belt: second hand / Salvation Army
Tights: JC Penney
Scarf: ?
Beanie: present from Chris
Shoes: F-Troupe / Beamhill
Bag: second hand


tigerteacher said...

I thought the same of Paranormal Activity - so scary but you do need to buy into the premise and allow yourself to feel the suspense. I also thought that the woman had a similar relationship to her boyfriend as to the demon. Both seemed to be energized by her fear and to dismiss her as a mere casualty of their needs/wants. At least that was my thought after leaving the theater...I would like to see it again and see whether that sticks! Although that may involve another full week of having the creeps!

The Waves said...

tigerteacher: I hadn't thought of their relationship in those terms, but now that you mention it, I can see what you mean - you are very perceptive! Me and Chris were just talking about having to see the movie again... :)

DVM said...

Hi Tiia,
Do you know that tigerteacher is Chuck's sister Mary? Chuck and I are going to see Paranormal Activity tomorrow. I already know the ending because I somehow missed the spoiler alert at imdb. I still want to see it though.

tigerteacher said...

Hi DVM and Waves!
Dana, did you see it??? Are you still creeped out? I don't think I've recovered yet...and we had a mouse in the house this weekend and the cats were making all kinds of noise during the night that kept reminding me of the movie! Yikes! I can't wait to hear what you guys thought!