Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mental stuff

You know how most horror films begin - a group of people stumbles upon a strange deserted house on a road trip, decide to take a look around, and within two hours they all get chopped to bits by a local looney. Usually when the first person gets out of the car in order to walk around the house, the audience is already saying "are they out of their minds, what the hell are they thinking?"

Well, today I got a taste of what they might be thinking. Me and Chris were driving around, trying to find a Chinese restaurant. We drove past a side road that went up a hill, and in the distance we could see the remains of the deserted local mental institution. "Hmm, should we take a look, just quickly", we thought, and up the hill we went, to find this Gothic beauty that used to be a home to dozens of seriously mentally ill patients - all fenced up, not a soul in sight:

This must have been the main building. You can actually see it from miles away, as it sits right on top of the hill. Not too far away was this place, with potentially hundreds of rooms - you can't really grasp the enormity of this building from the pictures I took with my phone - windows and doors all boarded, weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement:

There were a couple of other hotel-sized buildings in the area too, all empty. We found a tiny little side street, with three cute old houses that probably used to be housing for the staff - all deserted.

Behind this house (the last one before the road block), we found an amazing view - rolling hilltops, a huge field of wild flowers, two old barns.

Everything in this place was deserted. We didn't see a single living soul walking about the streets here - all you could sense was a lingering feeling that I can't quite explain, something like the absence of time.

Cardigan: Jones New York (Salvation Army)
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cosmofever said...

I've been following your blog for quite some time now. I simply love this post - I think you managed to capture the essence of that place, so thanks for sharing it with us. Your blog is simply wonderful! Much love from Romania xx

The Waves said...

cosmofever: thank you for leaving a comment! Ever since visiting the place, I have been completely obsessed with it... I have done a lot of research on it, and I might post about it in the future as well. The story behind it is really fascinating, and a little spooky too.