Tuesday, 6 October 2009


When I had really long hair, my standard solution for bad hair days was a ponytail. In fact, a ponytail was my solution for all hair days. Back then I didn't even have bangs, so a ponytail was almost an instant face lift, as if 20-somethings needed one, ever. Anyway, I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so bothered by the whole thing regarding Lindsay Lohan as artistic advisor for Emanuel Ungaro and presenting her first collaboration collection with designer Estrella Archs the other day. As you might guess, if one has 3 weeks to prepare a collection with Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro, the result can't exactly be a huge fashion-hurrah. Nevertheless I wasn't prepared for the kind of public humiliation that Ms Lohan is currently facing - I have never felt the need to have an opinion of her, but now I just feel bad. I am sure she has her own personal problems to deal with.

My short hair means no ponytails, no instant face lifts after a sleepless night, but I figured I could try something different anyway. I have always liked slicked back hair, but it often ends up looking like one has just showered, which I guess is not all bad. I look different though. I have had bangs for so long now that I almost forget what I look like without them.

Top: Zara
Cardigan: Lindex / mom's old
Skirt: second hand / Fida
Belt: second hand
Tights: American Apparel
Ankle boots: Asos


Eyeliah said...

I like the slicked back look, Ihave been doing that a bit as well. LL needs some intervention andquick, she looks like she is about to die!

Adrienne said...

I think that your hairstyle suits you very well. You look a bit like a fairy. And I like the blue-toned outfit!

The Waves said...

Eyeliah: oh poor LL, she does look like she is 40... I hope she gets herself sorted out! A part of me almost thinks that the fashion house is taking advantage of her fragility.

Adrienne: thanks! I like that, looking like a fairy! :)

Karima said...

love the hair! how do you get it to stay that way? i sometimes try to get that wet look but no amounts of wax, gel, spray or all three will keep it slicked back for long...

The Waves said...

Karima: it is definitely a struggle to keep it up. I have tried using spray wax instead of the solid ones. There is a lot of flicking going on though, throughout the day. :)