Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Etsy dreams

While waiting for the invitation to my visa interview at the Embassy, I am getting way too carried away browsing through Etsy for dresses for a coming special occasion (no, not the interview - I have a feeling they might be a little startled if I showed up wearing this stuff). This stunning dress is for sale at melsvanity.

And this 1950s rabbit stole at abitofnostalgia.

I think I forgot to mention that I already have a dress. Sheesh.

Anaïs Anaïs

I wonder if everyone has unexplainable interests towards famous (or notorious) people long gone. My list includes Virginia Woolf, Aino Kallas and Anaïs Nin, to name a few. It would be logical for me to want to know as much about them as possible - to read all of their books and diaries, to look for photos and such. I have never really done this though. I own books about them and books that they have written, but for the most part I have not read them. I hold onto my copies of the diaries of Anaïs Nin as if they were the Bible, but I have not read a single volume in its entirety. I browse through them, read a paragraph here, one there, and I am not even ashamed of it. I have collected her diaries as if they were good luck charms - whenever I see a volume, any volume, in any language, in a book store, I feel the need to buy it.

For me the lack of knowledge is what makes the mystery. The less I know of these fascinating people, the more interesting I find them. This doesn't stop me from obsessing over the symbols of my affection and appreciation - the books.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Finland Update

Yesterday me, Marina and Suvi spent some time in downtown Helsinki. We went to a couple of clothing stores, and it hit me once again how most highstreet brands seem to almost exclusively offer one-hit-wonders. The current season is all about black, leather and studs on the one hand, and nouveau grunge on the other. I also realised how trends seem almost obsolete in a small town in upstate New York. When one's IRL shopping options are limited to a (huge) Salvation Army store and one vintage boutique, it is so much easier to trust one's own instinct when it comes to what one wants to wear. Right now I would love to wear anything that resembles Prada's spring/summer 2004 collection.

I was planning on going back to NY next week, but finalizing the visa process is taking more time than anticipated. The raging swine flu epidemic made it practically impossible for me to track down my vaccination records, and it took me almost two weeks to just get that issue sorted. I got a couple of booster shots today, and my arms are too sore for me to lift them. Next step is mailing a bunch of papers to the embassy, followed by The Interview. I am listening to Jim James' George Harrison-tribute EP, feeling content that I am one step closer to traveling back to Chris and our kitties.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Super Second Hand

Yay! Here comes the sun!

There are other reasons to be merry, too: I have some great new second hand goodies! I'll start with the coats. This one is from UFF. It is pretty big, but I like it loose - it somehow reminds me of Paul Poiret's creations.

This one I found in Fida last week Friday when everything was -50%. The original price was 28 euros, so I only paid 14. It fits like a dream, and makes me think of Doctor Zhivago.

I thought long and hard about these two pieces, which are also from Fida. The top is great - I think it is wool. I love the pattern and it is easy to layer. The long leather skirt is rather wild, but I decided to be brave. I wore it the day after I bought it, and it felt very comfortable and warm.

This riding jacket is also from Fida. It is by Barbara Bui, and after the discount it only cost 3 euros. The lining is torn but I think it shouldn't be too tricky to fix.

Last but not least, some accessories. The sunnies are ridiculously huge, but I love them anyway. They cost 75 cents, as did the clutch, which I simply love for the simple elegance.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

As Light As It Gets

Come on, give me a break! The lack of light is ridiculous. No matter what time I get up in the morning, it feels dark, or at best, dim. This picture was taken from a window in my sister's apartment, at around midday, which probably is the brightest time of the day. It is impossible to stay indoors without having the lights on. Taking outfit pictures without a flash is bordering on impossible. It is as dark as night time at 4 pm.

I have been experimenting with longer skirt lengths. The look is really appealing to me, and as I have discovered, they are extremely comfortable to wear. It is somehow liberating to walk around not having to worry about pulling my hem down, not that I would ever wear anything that short, but I often pull and tug anyway, just in case. Well, not anymore.

I miss my cats so much, but luckily I have two surrogate kitties here. It is funny how different male cats are compared to females. My sister's Morris and Matroskin are wonderful, but they seem so normal compared to our gang of six complicated girls (and one wild boy, who is, in his own way, a lot more straight-forward of a character compared to his companions) with their mood swings and demands. I wonder whether there is some truth to some people saying that females should be given at least one chance to have kittens, that otherwise they become needy and difficult. Anyway, I am glad to have some kitty companionship in Finland, and this is Morris: (He is a handsome devil, who has become very affectionate in his old age.)

Jumper: Men's H&M
Skirt: second hand Jasmin Santanen / Ruuturouva
Tights: H&M
Brogues: second hand / UFF

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Right Stuff

For years me and my sister have enjoyed our "fashion magazine sessions". We'd sit down with a hot teapot, a pile of magazines, and talk about what we'd love to wear and why, and how we could come up with a particular look we would have seen on the pages of Flair, Amica, Lula, Elle or Vogue. During the past week we have taken advantage of me being back in Finland, and spent hours flipping through fashion magazines and being inspired by each other's company. Right now I am in love with this editorial from a September issue of Gioia:

How to do 40s layering:

How to look like a toned-down lady:

The best portrayal of Prada A/W 2009:

How to combine baby blue, brown and girly without looking like a child:

The greatest skirt length of the moment with ankle socks:

The right tights make the outfit:

All you ever need is the right coat to look like a million dollars:

Casual colours, belted just right:

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I need sunlight! There is a lingering sense of continuous darkness in Finland this time of the year. The sun may be up, and it may even show itself here and there, but it is very obvious from the look in everyone's eyes (regardless of the time of day) that it will get even darker soon. I have been suffering from a slight jetlag for the past couple of days, and spent numerous hours on the phone trying to arrange my visa paperwork. Exciting times!

I stopped by at UFF yesterday, and a long, thick mustardy yellow Norwegian jumper caught my eye. It was way too expensive for what it was (have UFF's prices gone up again?), so I didn't buy it. The colour stuck, though. I need something yellow, to replace the sun.

Photos: Lula (, Chris Benz Resort 2010 (

Friday, 6 November 2009

On A Roll!

I always thought of myself as the-one-who-never-wins-anything (except the man lottery, which of course is the biggest win of all). However, the gods of luck seem to be on my side this week. My second giveaway win of the week is this gorgeous necklace:

Thank you, the-ever-so-inspiring Eyeliah @ Style Symmetry!

(borrowed the photo from you, hee hee)

No, I have not carried out acts of violence against the Haitian people

I have had a slightly random week as I have been preparing my trip to Finland. This is an important one - there will be plenty of paperwork and dealing with various authorities, doctors and the US Embassy in order for me to get my visa. The process is pretty complicated and detailed but not quite as insane as it could be. Okay, I just found out yesterday that among other things I will need to have my lungs x-rayed in order to qualify for a visa. (TB patients don't qualify.) I will also have to declare that I do not intend to practice polygamy in the US, and that I am not a member of any Columbian terrorist groups - but hey, at least the questions are straight-forward and pretty easy to answer.

All in all it hasn't been too bad, up to this point, anyway. The application took a lot of time to put together, but it was approved in about four months (instead of ten), and we never had to file any extra paperwork. Now it is up to the US Embassy in Helsinki to give their final say in the matter.

I am off to Finland tomorrow, and will be blogging from there during the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

It is good to be a blogger!

The lovely Eunice of Fancy Pants had a giveaway, and guess who won this beautiful vintage dress?

Yay, it was me! Thank you, Eunice!
(picture borrowed from Fancy Pants)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

How can it be November already

Sheesh, I can't believe it is November already! Yesterday was my first ever Halloween. We went to a jewellery party held by our dear friend Lynn, and I got some great earrings (more of which tomorrow, perhaps). Later in the evening I was ready to hand out lots of candy, but unfortunately there weren't too many kids that showed up at our door. At least there were some though! Next year I will most definitely dress up myself, scare the living sh*t out of the kids that do come, and eat all their candy. Just kidding. Maybe.

Shirt: H&M

Silk skirt: second hand / Fida

Tights: JC Penney

Ankle boots: Aldo

Bag: second hand / Petrune vintage

Beret: Max&Co.

Earrings: JBL