Wednesday, 18 November 2009

As Light As It Gets

Come on, give me a break! The lack of light is ridiculous. No matter what time I get up in the morning, it feels dark, or at best, dim. This picture was taken from a window in my sister's apartment, at around midday, which probably is the brightest time of the day. It is impossible to stay indoors without having the lights on. Taking outfit pictures without a flash is bordering on impossible. It is as dark as night time at 4 pm.

I have been experimenting with longer skirt lengths. The look is really appealing to me, and as I have discovered, they are extremely comfortable to wear. It is somehow liberating to walk around not having to worry about pulling my hem down, not that I would ever wear anything that short, but I often pull and tug anyway, just in case. Well, not anymore.

I miss my cats so much, but luckily I have two surrogate kitties here. It is funny how different male cats are compared to females. My sister's Morris and Matroskin are wonderful, but they seem so normal compared to our gang of six complicated girls (and one wild boy, who is, in his own way, a lot more straight-forward of a character compared to his companions) with their mood swings and demands. I wonder whether there is some truth to some people saying that females should be given at least one chance to have kittens, that otherwise they become needy and difficult. Anyway, I am glad to have some kitty companionship in Finland, and this is Morris: (He is a handsome devil, who has become very affectionate in his old age.)

Jumper: Men's H&M
Skirt: second hand Jasmin Santanen / Ruuturouva
Tights: H&M
Brogues: second hand / UFF


Eyeliah said...

Yes, this is when outfit pics start to be a challenge, I have to sue a flash (on a reduced setting) from now til March basically.

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This is a very comfortable outfit. You can move any position you like. It’s very carefree!

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