Monday, 23 November 2009

Finland Update

Yesterday me, Marina and Suvi spent some time in downtown Helsinki. We went to a couple of clothing stores, and it hit me once again how most highstreet brands seem to almost exclusively offer one-hit-wonders. The current season is all about black, leather and studs on the one hand, and nouveau grunge on the other. I also realised how trends seem almost obsolete in a small town in upstate New York. When one's IRL shopping options are limited to a (huge) Salvation Army store and one vintage boutique, it is so much easier to trust one's own instinct when it comes to what one wants to wear. Right now I would love to wear anything that resembles Prada's spring/summer 2004 collection.

I was planning on going back to NY next week, but finalizing the visa process is taking more time than anticipated. The raging swine flu epidemic made it practically impossible for me to track down my vaccination records, and it took me almost two weeks to just get that issue sorted. I got a couple of booster shots today, and my arms are too sore for me to lift them. Next step is mailing a bunch of papers to the embassy, followed by The Interview. I am listening to Jim James' George Harrison-tribute EP, feeling content that I am one step closer to traveling back to Chris and our kitties.

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Anonymous said...

YAYAY!!! for traveling back to Chris and the kitties!! signed, The Kitties (as transcribed by Chris)