Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Right Stuff

For years me and my sister have enjoyed our "fashion magazine sessions". We'd sit down with a hot teapot, a pile of magazines, and talk about what we'd love to wear and why, and how we could come up with a particular look we would have seen on the pages of Flair, Amica, Lula, Elle or Vogue. During the past week we have taken advantage of me being back in Finland, and spent hours flipping through fashion magazines and being inspired by each other's company. Right now I am in love with this editorial from a September issue of Gioia:

How to do 40s layering:

How to look like a toned-down lady:

The best portrayal of Prada A/W 2009:

How to combine baby blue, brown and girly without looking like a child:

The greatest skirt length of the moment with ankle socks:

The right tights make the outfit:

All you ever need is the right coat to look like a million dollars:

Casual colours, belted just right:


Eyeliah said...

lovely collection! those tights were what I was starting at so you are right they make the outfit.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I were to be consulted, I would say that I am engaged to the person with the 'right stuff''s you, hon!!!! :) CR

Ellie said...

Nice. Very stylish. None of those looks would be out of place :)