Thursday, 19 November 2009

Super Second Hand

Yay! Here comes the sun!

There are other reasons to be merry, too: I have some great new second hand goodies! I'll start with the coats. This one is from UFF. It is pretty big, but I like it loose - it somehow reminds me of Paul Poiret's creations.

This one I found in Fida last week Friday when everything was -50%. The original price was 28 euros, so I only paid 14. It fits like a dream, and makes me think of Doctor Zhivago.

I thought long and hard about these two pieces, which are also from Fida. The top is great - I think it is wool. I love the pattern and it is easy to layer. The long leather skirt is rather wild, but I decided to be brave. I wore it the day after I bought it, and it felt very comfortable and warm.

This riding jacket is also from Fida. It is by Barbara Bui, and after the discount it only cost 3 euros. The lining is torn but I think it shouldn't be too tricky to fix.

Last but not least, some accessories. The sunnies are ridiculously huge, but I love them anyway. They cost 75 cents, as did the clutch, which I simply love for the simple elegance.


Eyeliah said...

the second blue coat and the sunnies are my favorites - wow!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clothing, hon. All three coats are spectacular! CR

Andrea Eames said...

Gorgeous! I almost bought a pair of sunnies just like those the other day. I might have to go back and get them now. :)

What a great haul!

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment about your dream of writing fiction: I think the only way to learn how to write a book is to plunge in and start one. It's really the only way. I wrote about four books before I had one that was of publishable standard. And you need to be strict with yourself and FINISH it, because otherwise all you will learn is how to start and abandon things, which is quite easy really. :)

A xx

Job Opportunities said...

These are amazing vintage finds. I love the furry jackets. It looks beautiful.

Global city condo said...

Great finds! I just love vintage you can look and be fabulous without spending so much money.