Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I need sunlight! There is a lingering sense of continuous darkness in Finland this time of the year. The sun may be up, and it may even show itself here and there, but it is very obvious from the look in everyone's eyes (regardless of the time of day) that it will get even darker soon. I have been suffering from a slight jetlag for the past couple of days, and spent numerous hours on the phone trying to arrange my visa paperwork. Exciting times!

I stopped by at UFF yesterday, and a long, thick mustardy yellow Norwegian jumper caught my eye. It was way too expensive for what it was (have UFF's prices gone up again?), so I didn't buy it. The colour stuck, though. I need something yellow, to replace the sun.

Photos: Lula (, Chris Benz Resort 2010 (


Anonymous said...

you will be back where there is a little more sun very soon. Very nice yellow. You are missed

Anonymous said...

I agree GREATLY with the previous sentiment (JBL??) are GREATLY missed, CR