Friday, 18 December 2009

The Chris(tmas) Miracle

In Finland we tend to decorate our Christmas trees on Christmas eve, or well, at least my family always does. It seems that things are rather different on this side of the pond: in the US people have their trees up weeks and weeks before Christmas already.

I always used to be one of those people who get anxious and irritable the moment the first Christmas carols start playing in stores - or that is what I thought, anyway. This year me and Chris bought our first Christmas ornaments in October already, and for whatever reason I am embracing Christmas on a completely different manner this year. For a long time I was the one person in my family who wasn't in a normal (whatever that means) relationship. My siblings would cuddle up on the sofa with their loved ones on Christmas eve, and I'd often sit there thinking that I didn't need that. I lived abroad for seven years, and coming home to Finland for Christmas was wonderful, but I often felt that I was only visiting - which, in truth, of course, I was. I guess for a long time I pretended that I was not a romantic at heart, and that all that Christmas nonsense about people getting together was just a big marketing scheme. As me and Chris are getting ready for our first Christmas together, I have to admit that I think I know now what my Christmases were missing all those years. We decorated our first Christmas tree last night:

Of course, it comes with a lot of kitties:

This is what I wore today (and yes, I am still a little ill):

Shearling coat: second hand / Salvation Army (this is the warmest coat ever!)
Cardigan: Zara
Gray pencil skirt: mom's old
Blue knitted tunic: Lindex
Tights: H&M
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: second hand / Aino flea market
Hat: second hand / UFF
Belt: second hand / UFF


Haidi said...

Love the christmas tree. Looks beautiful!

laura said...

i like your outfit and tree very much. (:

merry christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

Well, as I've said many-many times (to anyone who will still listen!!) I am the luckiest guy on Earth! It was a wonderful Christmas hon, thank you!!!! oxox, CR