Saturday, 5 December 2009


It is almost scary how quickly one gets used to mass trends. I have been in Finland for about a month now, and once again the time spent here has made me question the way I want to dress. Seeing dozens of young women wear only black, leggings as pants, oversized gray knits, studs, chains and leather makes me feel like a granny, desperately holding onto something that is pretty. The streets are full of people looking tough, modern and minimalistic. Perhaps this means that I am an insecure dresser. I don't always have faith in my own ideas, and I hesitate to stand out. I wish I had more confidence in this environment where quick trends dominate and cheap high street brands promote people to wear the same of-the-moment thing.

Images: Gardens, in Crash, issue 50. Photos by Alexandra Catiere, from The Fashion Spot


Eyeliah said...

Where I was bron the streets are full of people in black and/or typically trendy clothes. I would get many looks for the way I dressed and so many people never understood it. Insecurities like this have popped up for me too, but don't let them take over - dress how you want.

Michele said...

Even boring dressers can enjoy those who have a flare for dressing with originality. I bet you have some admirers in that sea of black and gray!