Sunday, 31 January 2010


I have had a really nice weekend. Yesterday me and Chris R. teamed up with Lynn and Chris A. to go to the movies. We saw It's Complicated, and it made me realise that sometimes it is good to see a film just for some laughs and wonderful company. We grabbed some pizza afterwards, and decided to make an efficient 20-minute visit to our local Salvation Army. I found a couple really cool things, and since green tags were 50% off, I ended up spending less than $20 for six items. Chris taught me how to play backgammon in the evening, (which was very enjoyable, with a cup of tea) before we watched Sleepy Hollow on tv. Today I felt that I just had to wear some of my new treasures - the orange jumper and the navyblue polka-dot skirt were newly fresh and ready to wear from the laundry this morning.

Today has been a perfectly crispy winter day; not too cold, wonderfully bright and sunny. Me and Chris decided to go see another film, and picked A Single Man, which I have been dying to see for a while now. Before we left the house, Chris dared me to wear a crazy Peruvian hat he gave me in November - I hadn't worn it yet because it is rather bold and, well, like I said, crazy. Of course I went for it. As Chris realised that I was actually going to wear it in public, he looked at me, sighed deeply and said: "oh, my crazy Finnish wife." Yes, I am.

A Single Man was probably the most touching, hearth-breaking and beautifully shot film about sense of loss, identity and grief I have ever seen. Colin Firth and Julianne Moore were astounding. Go see it!

Coat: Object / Only
Scarf: second hand / Aino flea market
Gloves: Sportmax
Hat: present from Chris

Jumper: second hand / Salvation Army
Skirt: second hand / Salvation Army
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Bianco
Brooch: Max&Co.
Necklace: Glitter


Eyeliah said...

These colors are great! I feel like you are expressing your happiness in your dressing. :-)

jesse.anne.o said...

1) That hat is pretty amazing. But he got it for you and didn't expect you to wear it?!

2) I love that orange sweater and how you combined it with the rest of your outfit.

3) That necklace is amazing - I would never thing to pair it with a crew neck, much less a knit crew neck but it looks so charming! I am going to have to try this once I get a big/bib-style necklace.

Sal said...

WOWZA! I shy away from multiple accessories in one quadrant, but I just adore the brooch-necklace pairing. And the polka dots with that vibrant orange? Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

wow i love all the elements of this outfit! the skirt is darling, and the orange sweater is so pretty with it. and i'm drooling over the jewelry- the bird and flower are adorable. ~joelle