Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Feeling Productive

My birthday came early this year - actually way early, but I am not complaining! I have been dying to get a dress form ever since I got my sewing machine. I haven't managed to figure out how to use patterns, and for the most part my sewing projects are not exactly projects that go from a proper plan to a finished piece of clothing. Instead they start from a nice fabric and become whatever seems right. The dress form is a huge help in trying to figure out what it is that I am trying to create. There is no need to make any decisions early on. I can just play around with a piece of fabric and see what happens.

Aside from working on this particular dress, I finally started a writing project I have been planning for months. I had a bunch of great ideas for a story, but was scared to start. I have wanted to write fiction for the past 15 years, but after my high school teacher of Finnish language and literature told me that I was better off writing opinion pieces and analysis, I sort of buried my dream. This particular idea for a story that I have now just wouldn't leave me alone, so I had to give in. I have no experience in writing fiction, no idea as to how to approach creating a storyline and no idea how to develop characters. For now anyway, I choose to think that if this story wants to be told, it will find an outlet eventually.


Adrienne said...

I think that's a good approach to writing. One memory from elementary school that sticks out for me is the image of my friend crying behind the slide at the playstructure because our teacher told her "I'm sorry, but you're just a bad writer". Today I'm struck by the insensitivity of my teacher. But the friend is doing an arts major right now, so she can't be that bad at writing.

I love the shoulders of the dress!

Eyeliah said...

she is a beauty too, love what shes wearing! :)