Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Love Kim So

After rambling on about Avatar yesterday - did I mention that I don't care about film awards? you all believe me, right? - I went on to watch Vertigo for the gazillionth time, and couldn't help but feel appalled that nonsense like Avatar will probably win the Academy Award for best picture as well as the Golden Globe, and a masterpiece like Vertigo did not win a single Academy Award. Alfred Hitchcock never won an Academy Award for best director. Only Rebecca won best picture in 1940. I guess there is no point discussing the Avatar injustice. It's not like justice took place in the good old days either. Edith Head won eight Academy Awards for best costume design in her career, but not a single one was a Hitchcock film. I love Kim Novak's wardrobe (by Edith Head, of course) in Vertigo. I am really feeling the 1950s look these days - the hem lengths, the shoes, the simple elegance, the gloves, even the make-up.

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Ellenitza said...

Have you seen Strangers When We Meet? It's a great Kim Novak film. I blogged about it here: ellenitza.