Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Things I Learned Today

I love newspapers. Flipping through my daily paper (in the old school paper format) in the morning is something I look forward to when I wake up and prepare my tea. The shift from Helsingin Sanomat to New York Times hasn't been an easy one for me. I was used to clockwork-like precision with HS - not a single paper was left undelivered, and it would arrive at 5 am the latest, every single morning. In contrast, we had huge trouble having NYT delivered. It took over a month for them to process our subscription, and once they did, it turned out to be a matter of pure luck if we managed to get our hands on the actual paper or not. We were lucky to get 3 out of 7 papers a week. After about 10 phone calls and numerous complaints, the paper is finally arriving on a daily basis, and just like in the movies, it is being tossed on our driveway, albeit not by a cycling teenager.

Anyway, for me, having the daily paper is like having Sergejeff tea at breakfast - a necessity. I don't know what I will do once they stop producing newspapers on paper - after all, it will most certainly happen during my lifetime. While I try to not think about my future paperless mornings too much, I am glad to share with you some truly fascinating pieces of information I learned today while reading my paper:

1. 40% of the daily calories consumed by average American children derive from snacks or junk food.
2. I am joined by social and political conservatives (ah, I love blanket categories so!), feminists, the Chinese and my personal favourite, the Vatican, in disapproving of Avatar.
3. The Russians have issued a ban on American chicken imports, due to the fact that American chickens are being treated with chloride for disinfecting purposes, and the use of chloride is banned in Russia, and also, the European Union, under food safety regulations.

Blouse: second hand / Aino flea market
Linen cardigan: Zara
Skirt: self-made
Belt: second hand / UFF
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Vagabond


a cat of impossible colour said...

Just read your comment on my post, and I couldn't agree more! We seem to live in such a flimsy, fast-moving, cardboard cut-out world. I've only noticed it since moving to New Zealand (since Zimbabwe is a developing country, it's not so pronounced). We buy quick-fix solutions to our problems and put off thinking deeply about anything. And I agree with you about the care and work that went into older items as well - that is what I really love about vintage clothing and antiques. Now, if someone put that much time and effort into an object, it would either be priced so highly that we could never afford it, or the business would be closed down because it didn't produce quickly enough to be profitable. And even if the business did manage to succeed, cheap stores would make knock-offs and put it out of business!

I think at the moment I am one of those people you described who float over life without pinning my life down. (And I have an anxiety disorder, just to cement the whole thing). I would like nothing more than to stay in one place and put down some roots, but life seems to conspire against me in that area.

Sorry for the long comment - thank you for yours!

Andrea xx

Eyeliah said...

:-) You keep mentioning how you did not like Avatar, I really liked it (I hope you don't mind) and the junk food and chloride chickens - gross! I watch the same news show every morning, my hubby used to read the paper but has since switched to reading it online.