Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fashion Positions

It is just a regular Saturday in my neck of the woods, but can I just say how much I dislike seeing this picture below, in pretty much every single fashion magazine this month? Yes, yes, the way I see it tells an awful lot about me, but I am just going to take my chances on that one. I think this picture is degrading. The facial expression, the positioning of the legs, the flap covering her private bits... I don't know whether this model being 28 years old and a mother of three makes it better or worse for me. The last time I have been as annoyed at a fashion image was when I came across this double-page picture in US Vogue last December. (For whatever reason I couldn't seem to allign the two photos side by side, but you get the idea.) Nice little all-fours pose there... with the guy sneaking up behind.

In addition to these two images, I am so fed up with ad campaigns featuring teenage girls lying down on the ground half-naked, and because we are talking about fashion, she usually has to have company, a girl just as half-naked as she is. I would like to see the clothes on models standing up, or actually, on women standing up, without the needless eroticism. Yes, portrayal of fashion is all about fantasy, but the lesbian connotations and teenage girls do not do it for me. And neither do women spreading their legs, for that matter.

Phew, sorry about the rant. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Blouse: Noa Noa
Jumper on top: second hand / Salvation Army
Skirt: second hand Nina Ricci / Petrune Vintage
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Vagabond
Earrings: gift from Lynn


mysterycreature said...

I totally agree with you - images of women in magazines seem to be becoming more and more sexually loaded, meaning that essentially in many ways fashion is just becoming about dressing for the opposite sex. It is a shame, as I thought we were moving away from that.

This is actually an issue I have been thinking a lot about recently. Myself and two other bloggers have in fact started a campaign (blog to come!) pushing for an extra magazine to be on the shelves - one that features fashion bloggers and normal everyday women, dressing for themselves and for fun. Hopefully when we properly release it we will get lots of positive feedback - and maybe even will be able to make the "low fashion" idea a reality!

Anyway, sorry for the essay, but you struck a chord with me!

Milla said...

Oh I love that blouse, and don't get your fellow ranter started on sexism in fashion mags. I'll never stop...

SnapandPrint said...

I had the same feelings about the first image you had. It struck me as being really over-the-top. It's in every fashion magazine as you say which make sit all the worse.

I hadn't seen the second one you posted but, yeah, just no thanks.

I am far from a prude but, just sometimes, things are a bit over-the-top in fashion magazines.

mirattes said...

I'm obsessed of almost all your shoes!

tigerteacher said...

I have also been noticing the sheer numbers of gals lying down on the ground in ads on fashion mags over the past few months! Last year, I saw an exibit of Marcel Duchamp's Etant Donnes (here's a link, if you're interested: It consists of a large wooden door with a peep hole through which the viewer peeks and sees a reclining nude woman holding a gas lamp and a landscape with moving waterfall. It's disturbing and comical all at once and, as the viewer/peeper, I certainly felt that the joke was on me as much as on anyone. I think of this exibit over and over again each month lately as I look at fashion mags.

Adrienne said...

Those ads are disgusting. I won't argue that.How can we call our societies progressive if this is what gets printed?

Is it better to have lesbian undertones in fashion advertising, which effectively objectifies lesbianism and makes it less of what it actually is; or to not have it at all and encourage the idea that we live in a completely straight world? All I know is that an advertisement probably isn't the best place to prove a political point, even though fashion does has a lot of power and influence.

Charlotte said...

Wouldn't it be dandy to see women in fashion ads actually doing things that real women do. . .like WORKING?

joelle van dyne said...

eew that magazine pic is just gross! aside from the sexual connotations of the pose, it also kind of looks like she's sitting on the toilet. or giving birth. none of those are things i want to capture in a fashion photo. what is it with magazines all doing the same weird posing at the same time?

anyway, you look really great in your outfit today! i love the sort of muted colors. and i really like the bow at the neck peeking out from the sweater. ~joelle

Jane W. said...

God, no kidding. I was in the bookstore the other day, and I really struggled to find ANY fashion magazine that resonated with me. Thank god for the blogosphere!