Sunday, 7 February 2010


When jesse.anne.o wrote about her lack of enthusiasm regarding the upcoming fashion weeks, it hit me that it has been a while since I have felt a really special tingle going through catwalk photos. Sure, I buy my Vogue Collections magazine every season, and yes, there remains a handful of designers whose work I am interested in. Having said that, it is striking how much less inspiration I get from high-end fashion these days. I used to be really interested in "real" fashion. I was rather snobbish when it came to my fashion magazines, and February and September were marked in my diary because the fashion weeks fed my desire for something new and beautiful twice a year. It has been a quick change. I still know what is considered fashionable, but the inspiration for what I really wear comes from elsewhere. Eyeliah's wonderful week of wardrobe_remix inspired outfits is a symbolic shout-out for what I am talking about. A lot of people don't need high-end fashion to be inspired. We, regular people, are enough. We are out there to inspire each other.

I still love fashion magazines, but instead of looking for what is fashionable, I search for images that trigger an emotion. I clip and collect my favourite pictures in a rather old-fashioned manner (I do have an inspiration folder at the computer as well) just because it feels almost as if I am constructing my own style manual. I know what I like, and it makes me feel good. I find constant inspiration in movies, and more recently, in books about sewing.

My biggest style inspiration, however, comes from my fellow style bloggers. It is not always obvious. Take today's outfit, for example. Andrea's collection of Laura Ashley's sailor dresses with their striking collars made me look twice at that green Gunne Sax dress (which has gone through quite a transformation) at Salvation Army, and yes, I can confess that without Andrea I don't think I would have ever felt that I could pull off such a striking collar. LuluLetty's w_r outfit inspired me to wear boots over trousers today.

When people sometimes question the purpose of my blogging, or when I come across suspicious minds that think posting one's outfits online is about parading oneself in order to get attention, I sigh out of frustration. The world of style blogging is an incredibly stimulating environment for anyone who appreciates beautiful things in life. It is (for the most part) an encouraging, positive community of people who share similar interests. We are out here to inspire each other and to be inspired.

A special thanks this week goes to Laura of tagtraeumerin, who inspired me to get a sewing machine, and to Petya of How to Marry a Bulgarian, who gave me a huge boost of confidence in moving forward with my sewing. I am excited to inform everyone that I will be opening an Etsy shop soon. It will feature vintage treasures and some of my own designs, most notably the paperbag-waist skirt.

Blouse: re-vamped Gunne Sax Dress
High-waisted wool trousers: Diesel
Boots: Bianco

P.S. Thank you so much for your recent comments, and welcome to all of you who have found your way here via Already Pretty! I have been doing an awful job replying (or not replying) to comments lately. I solemnly promise to get my act together!


gina said...

Wonderful transformation to that dress! It looks great as a top tucked into the high-waisted pants.

I'm a very new follow who just found you through Already Pretty, and I'm enjoying your blog!

Milla said...

Wow. You really made that dress work. Awesome.
As a long-time hater of high fashion, I'm glad that a lot less blogs these days seem to feature the endless runway shots and editorials. Real people are much more interesting.

Oranges And Apples said...

I don't care about high fashion at all and am barely aware of trends, but I love clothes and style and daring combinations. I don't read trend based blogs at all, only personal style ones like yours 9which i love by the way!). I actually touch on this in a post scheduled for later today!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Yay, I'm so glad that I was part of the inspiration that made you pick up that dress, because it looks wonderful! What a great way to wear it. It seems really you.

I don't pay much attention to high-end fashion, either, because I find it a) quite intimidating and b) considerably less relevant to my life than outfits worn by real people. In a way, I see style blogging as taking our power back when it comes to clothes - we take the pictures, we write the editorials, we dictate what it is we should be wearing. And a lot of street-style seems to be picked up by high fashion - it's a bottom-up flow at the moment, not top-down! There's no way a designer with four collections a year can keep up with the quicksilver, ever-evolving style on the ground.

And I completely agree with you - I see style blogging as a collaboration rather than a one-man-show. None of us is an island! We are all constantly influencing and inspiring each other, and I love it.

That turned into a bit of a rant. Sorry! Haha. You look wonderful.

Andrea xx

Eyeliah said...

Oh I like how you styled it! WR is probably the place I get the most inspiration, real girls are the best. :)

Angel said...

I have a scrapbook like that too!! I love cutting out the pictures that speak to me and then gluing them down.

I love how that dress looks now.

jesse.anne.o said...

Thank you for making me feel so much less alone! Hah!

I agree with your every point on this topic.

And I think the dress looks fantastic like this - great job with a pretty challenging article of clothing.

Also, I have that same sewing book!

Elissa said...

Yes! It looks so much better as a top than a dress! I know there are purists out there who will hate that you've cut up the dress but who cares---!! At least someone is wearing it (at least part of it) and with skill!! Hehe brava!!