Thursday, 4 February 2010

Polka-dots and Lace

Since I bought the polka-dot skirt at Salvation Army on Saturday (it cost a staggering $3.99), it has been the one thing catching my eye every single morning when I open my closet. It is funny how the discovery of an unexpected item can turn into a passionate love affair. I was most certainly not looking for anything with polka-dots, not the mention a skirt this shape, and yet here we are, me and my polka-dots, which I decided to pair up with more polka-dots and lace. I am sure there is a style manual somewhere out there, screaming of horror.

Green cardigan: second hand / Salvation Army
Polka-dot blouse: really old H&M
Lace vest: second hand / Rosie's old
Polka-dot skirt: second hand / Salvation Army
Tights: Noa Noa
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Diesel


Sal said...

LADY. I would steal this entire outfit RIGHT OFF OF YOU, were you near enough by. Especially those glorious shoes.

Eyeliah said...

lol @ Sal - I'll fight you for it!

Django et Coco said...

What a great find! The skirt is lovely, I must say you style it perfectly! Wow I also love your shoe!

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

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wardrobeexperience said...

wow, love this polka dotted skirt! it fits you perfectly!

monikulus said...

So happy to discover your blog.

excellent style!