Monday, 8 March 2010

Kitty Issues, Camera Issues

What a weekend! I spent Saturday celebrating Chris's birthday (in advance though, his actual big day is on the coming Sunday), ended up leaving my camera at the location of the party in question, scrubbed off cat pee and vomit on Sunday, and have welcomed the warm weather and sunshine today by more cleaning and scrubbing. The good news is that the party was a great success (a huge hug and thank you goes to Lynn for hosting), and that cleaning isn't all that bad when you can open the windows and let spring air float around in your house. Bad news is that I am left wondering whether our kitty, Masa, might have a urinary infection, and that I still don't have my camera. A question goes out to my fellow kitty owners out there: am I correct to assume that fixed boy cats are done with spring marking, and that kitties' pee issues are almost always medical?

I hope to get my camera back today, and if so, I will be back soon to show you what I wore for the birthday party on Saturday - prints and leather!

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jesse.anne.o said...

They usually recommend ruling out medical before you consider behavioral.

Male cats typically cannot spray any longer 2-3 months after their neuter. Some cats will then urinate to mark territory if there is an aggressive (especially in-tact) cat around. But that's usually stress and atypical.

We have this, too, if you wanted to do a behavior search: