Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Thai Dye, Spring Fever

Today is one of those days when everything seems rather topsy-turvy. The weather looks great, but it is really, really cold out. The cats are having some sort of a nervous breakdown today. Audrey has been crying and yelping non-stop for the past two hours for no apparent reason, chasing and tormenting the other kitties. Illusia keeps asking for food even though it is not food time for another four hours, and she has plenty of dry food in her bowl anyway. Cassiopeia's outdoor adventures included her chasing squirrels this morning (I didn't even know she could run) and her insisting to rub her face on my shoes as I was trying to get pictures taken. She is not the most affectionate kitty, so I don't know what has got into her.

I am also having one of those days when nothing I wear feels right. I keep wearing this same cardigan all the time, and know that this outfit would have looked so much better with heels as opposed to flats. I just couldn't find a pair that would have worked. I think about the clothes and the shoes I have back in Finland, and how there are so many things in my storage unit in Helsinki I'd want to wear now, but can't.

Who knows, perhaps it is the arrival of spring that is making both kitties and myself feel on edge - I always feel a desperate need to renew myself, my wardrobe and style at spring time. I am also still upset about not being able to travel to Finland, and it is not just because of the clothes I have left behind. For those of you who asked, it is because of my status as a visa holder waiting for a green card that makes traveling without a specific permission impossible. I was hoping to go at the end of this month, but I haven't received a travel permit. As far as I know, I have filed my applications correctly, but it seems that my case has been filed in the "there-is-no-hurry-because-there-has-been-no-death-in-the-family"-pile. I am angry at myself for not doing the paperwork earlier (I could have), and for not having stated my case for wanting to travel in a more adamant manner.

What I really need to do is go thrifting to cheer me up.

Tie-dye t-shirt: second hand / Salvation Army
Cardigan: second hand / Salvation Army
Thai silk skirt: second hand / Fida
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Office
Cat: Cassiopeia, feeling the spring fever


Charlotte said...

Spring has an odd effect on animals, as does the full moon! Your kitties are feeling their oats.
We've had a number of friends who've had your visa dilemma. From what I've observed it's a one-time inconvenience so travel shouldn't be a hassle after you get the GC.
Your blue skirt is Matisse blue--just the right jolt of color on a cold, sunny day. I like it with the olive cardigan.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your visa troubles. What a pain! I hope you had a good day to make up for it.

Thank you for your lovely comment the other day - I would love to chat to you about moving to the States (and moving kitties in particular!). I've been dying to tell you my news for ages, because I knew you would understand. :) I'm looking forward to it, and I really do love America, but it is going to come with its own particular set of difficulties as well. :p

A xx

Sal said...

Times like this, you wish those felines could talk, am I right?

And I feel the same way about spring. The world is changing, and it's hard not to make personal change happen, too. I think the velvet flats are marvelous with this outfit ... but also think a nice thrifting trip might fix you right up.

Jane W. said...

What you're wearing might not feel right, but it certainly looks beautiful. And as Billy-Crystal-impersonating-Fernando-Lamas used to say, It's more important to look good than to feel good.

Just joking. I'm sorry to hear about your travel woes. I'd be handling it MUCH less gracefully.

mirattes said...

I keep reading blogs whole evening and almost in all blogs I found the same phrase: need thrifting/shopping for better mood :D
its a pitty beause of your traveling ard. Hope everything will be better soon.
Congrats for sun, we still do not have it.

Eyeliah said...

Thrifting usually cheers me up.

Modesty is Pretty said...

Tahnk you Waves for your comments on my blog and you are right it's the thought about getting dressed that count, you expressed just what I had tried to say.
I hope that you can soon travel to Finland again, I lived for a few months in a new city city where I only knew my boyfriend(now ex) and it was far away from home so it was kind of hard, it's different countries, food, culture, etc. I hope that your papers get sorted soon and you can go and visit your family and maybe bring some of you things here when you go.
I love your cat (and again, I'm not a cat person! he's so fluffy I want to hug him)
Don't give up. Hope you find something beautiful at the thrift, but more than that hope that you can visit you country soon. Best wishes to you.