Monday, 5 April 2010

Constant Gardener

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! Mine was filled with a lot of sunshine and gardening. The weather was so lovely and warm, and for the most part the stuff I wore over the weekend looked as if I had escaped from the set of Lawrence of Arabia - sadly, no photos. (I was desperately trying not to burn myself.) On Saturday I took poor Cassiopeia to the groomer's. Her long hair had started to get all matted weeks ago already, but we couldn't get an earlier appointment. By the time we got there, she looked (and felt) so bad that we didn't have a choice but to have her shaved. Now she looks like a weird alien kitty; her head looks so disproportionate compared to her skinny body. She clearly feels better about herself though. She purrs affectionately and follows me everywhere.

The gardening project is starting to really get somewhere now; we got a lot done this past weekend. Growing up I used to make fun of my mother, who spent every little spare time she had in her small greenhouse or in the garden. By the end of every summer her hands looked as if she had been living outside for years, and she'd have to wear dark nail polish in order to cover some of the damage she had done to her nails. (She hates wearing gardening gloves, just like I do.) My mom used to tell me that she wasn't born a gardener. My grandmother would make her weed her vegetable garden, and she didn't see the point in the whole ordeal for a long while. Gradually, something in her just kicked in, and for years now, gardening has been one of her favourite hobbies. I find myself in the same position now. I can't wait to go outside every morning to get my hands dirty. Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

I went kind of crazy buying seeds - there was so much to choose from, and so much I couldn't leave behind. I am trying to not be too ambitious, but the potential of the whole project is almost too great to not get over-excited. I am a little worried about not knowing the local weather patterns, pests and plant diseases, but I guess I will learn with time, and of course, there are books and neighbours to consult. Yesterday I got some seedlings going indoors, namely tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, broccoli and chives.

I also figured that I'd see what would happen if I just planted some lettuce and pak choi seeds outside already. I know it is early, and the nights are still cold, but I think we should be okay with frost.

Our back yard has been dominated by a forest-y look for a while, mainly because of the big pine tree (which is now cut down) as well as Chris loving the plain woodchip look. lt was clear to me early on that I wanted to have a vegetable garden, and because our soil is mostly clay anyway, we decided to go for a container garden instead of having to pile tons of top soil on the ground. I get my veggies and Chris gets his woodchips. Chris set up two 4 ft x 4ft containers, as well as one 4 ft x 8 ft one, so there is plenty of space. I think I might be brave enough to plant carrots, herbs and more lettuce variants outside soon.

Blue was making rounds in the garden today, just checking out the new containers and the raked (yes, it is raked!) ground.

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Benetton
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Hat: Gap


stephanie said...

You look adorable in that outfit. And I love the title to this post; The Constant Gardener is one of my favorites movies and books. xo

La Loca said...

You look so happy! A pilgrimage to White Flower Farms in Litchfield County, CT might be worth the trek, if you haven't been there already.

Shey said...

such cute hat and tunic, and oh your sweet shaved kittie he looks so adoringly funny hehe I'm glad he/she is feeling good though that's the important thing. My retired friend told me the same story, she used to make her children go outside and garden and they had a vegetable garden and they hated it, but now that they are older and married they are plating their own garden hehe =)
I'm not an outside person though so I just like to look at pictures of others gardening hehe

Rad said...

I love love your tunic. The colors are gorgeous.
Gardening seems like such a pleasant activity. I can't wait to hear how your lettuce and pak choi turn out. So exciting. (Also, adorable pictures of the kitties!)

Eyeliah said...

how exciting, be sure to take pictures as it progresses! :-)

mirattes said...

I also done my gardening project this weekend, but just in balcony. The result will be visible only from few months, but I can't wait when my sills will be green :)
You look great in that outfit ;)

Andrea Eames said...

Aw, wee Cassie! She looks sweet, like a poodle-cat. :)