Thursday, 1 April 2010

From Winter to Summer, in one day

One of the strangest things in our neck of the woods here in upstate NY is the temperature variation. It is beyond me how it can be 4 degrees one day and 20 the next. Today is a gorgeous day, and I have spent most of it cleaning the house. I just had to. What is it about the spring sun that makes everything look even dustier and dirtier than it can possibly be? You know, my annual spring/summer wardrobe crisis has a companion: it is the interior design crisis. I feel the urge to move furniture around, re-organise the cupboards, you know the drill. I can't wait to have the kitchen painted, which is probably something we'll start working on in the next coming weeks. The plumbing issues at our house turned out to be a little more serious than expected, and we also have to re-do our downstairs bathroom floor entirely. A part of me is upset because of the expenses, but I can't deny that choosing new tiling feels especially good at this time of the year.

As for the spring/summer style crisis, right now I am doing okay. I think I just needed to get my anxiousness out of my chest yesterday. I am looking forward to tomorrow, when the temperature is going to climb even higher than today. Bones or no bones, pale or no pale, I am just going to enjoy the weather.

Top: mom's old
Cardigan: mom's old
Trousers: 2or+ by Yat
Shoes: John Galliano
Necklace: Tom's


Sal said...

Spring is a time of such tremendous upheaval, don't you think? Hope that nice warm weather sticks around ... and that you start to warm up to the idea of letting your lovely limbs see the sunshine.

Modesty is Pretty said...

I love this outfit Waves it looks so springy and happy. I know what you're saying with the weather, one day it snowed here and the next it was hot, and the next it was raining and the weather is out of control it seems.
I hope things get fixed and don't stress over it, just do it one step at a time.
Now I never thought thin people would stress about body issues with clothes, I have issues over my belly being to full to covered up by thin fabrics or baring my fat arms out to the world, I guess we all have insecurities however thin or chunky our bady is.
Hope you enjoy the Easter break.
Best wishes as always.

Eyeliah said...

Those heel sure spice it up!! I used to live in a city with crazy climate changes (Calgary Alberta) -30 to +5 the next day! It caused massive headaches for many Calgarians.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Love the colors of your outfit. And I totally get the need to clean and organize on a gorgeous day. I have been organizing our office/closets this afternoon and it feels awesome. You look great.

whatiwore said...

Ooh, I love getting awesome hand-me-downs! That top is tops ;)

Fabulous shoes, too!

mirattes said...

Pale skin is very beatiful, so forget those nonsenses I go to enjoy the summer!

Eline said...

Gah, those are such gorgeous shoes! And I loved them paired with those skinny trousers. Once again you look fabulous!

vesperbeauty said...

Oh god, welcome to upstate NY. Did you have the same weather I did on Saturday: 80+ sunny blue skies at noon, and miserably howly windstorm by 8pm?