Saturday, 10 April 2010


A gush of wind caught my beautifully constructed bubble skirt, making it look rather lopsided. Oh well, what can you do. So far I have had an uneventful day. After recovering from a random one-day stomach bug, I have assumed my proper role as a golf widow for the weekend. The US Masters tournament is one of Chris's favourite sporting events, and even though his Beatles-loving, science-fiction-geek-ish qualities make it a little weird for me to see him get so passionate about golf, it is also one of those things that makes me realise that no two people are quite alike, and that's a good thing.

I have news regarding my garden project: my broccoli seeds are already becoming seedlings! This is how things stood yesterday:

and this is today! Just look at those busy-bees, reaching for light and warmth!

My China choi cabbage seeds are also sprouting, outdoors. I had to build an emergency greenhouse for them on Thursday because the nights have been so cold, but some of the seeds seem to be doing fine without one.

There are also one or two red ridinghood lettuce seedlings pushing out the dirt in another outside container, waiting to see the world. Life really amazes me at times - you know, how it all works together so effortlessly, and how it finds a way: seed, dirt, sun, water. It couldn't be simpler but more complicated at the same time.

Star-print blouse: second hand / Salvation Army
Cardigan: Noa Noa
Bubble skirt: H&M
Tights: Noa Noa
Belt: second hand / Salvation Army
Shoes: mom's old Gabor
Earrings: second hand / JC craft fair


Charlotte said...

The new garden is an exciting event. Last year I planted a front-yard garden & it's been nice to see what survived the winter. As with any garden, I have some moving around to do. . .
Good luck with the broccoli!

Eyeliah said...

oh my gosh, that garden is growing fast!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, cute! I especially love those earrings!

Anonymous said...

this is such a pretty outfit! i love the star print blouse (really, anything with star print is a win). and the bubble skirt is so flattering and nice.

i am really jealous you get to grow all these veggies! it must be so fun to pick and eat food that is so fresh. ~joelle

Anonymous said...

Neautiful outfit honey!