Friday, 30 April 2010

Happy Vappu, happy living things!

Vappu is probably my least favourite Finnish public holiday (too many people get drunk in public places), but I still feel a little weird not being able to celebrate it here in the US. Lynn's jewelry party is tomorrow, and because she is of German origin and they do celebrate 1st of May in Germany, I am just going to take tomorrow's party as my Vappu celebration. The weather is gorgeous (72 F, 22 C), so what else is there to do but a) wear 100% second hand, b) do some gardening, and c) join our kitties in enjoying the beautiful day.

The "wear 100% vintage" challenge has actually been, well, challenging. I realised in the beginning of the week already that I have a lot of really summery second hand things, so it was tough to find things to wear when the weather was cooler on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't have many second hand shoes, and just two second hand cardigans, which has proven to be troublesome because I love wearing cardigans. Today was easy though, because of the warm weather. I had no difficulty choosing my outfit. I am so in love with this skirt it is almost ridiculous, and I was super happy to receive my giveaway package from Andrea of a cat of impossible colour, and wear a scarf that was included in the package. The contents of the package are amazing - three dresses and a beautiful selection of scarves. I have to adjust the dresses so that they fit a little better, but at least I can wear the scarves immediately! Thanks again, Andrea, for the package! I was so pleased with winning your giveaway!

It is so weird to think that it was haling and snowing on Monday, and now it is so warm again. Luckily my garden survived the frosty weather, and today I got acquainted with the first onion that is peaking through the dirt.

I planted some violas today:

Our decorative apple tree is blooming:

And my zucchini seedlings have grown dramatically over the past few days - I even had to re-pot them!

The cats are loving the warmth. Cassie hides under the Japanese maple:

Audrey hangs out by the screen door:

And Masa keeps an eye on things from the second floor window:

Happy Vappu, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

Silk top: second hand / Horisontti flea market
Linen skirt: second hand Calvin Klein / Salvation Army
Belt: second hand / Salvation Army
Shoes: second hand Nine West / Salvation Army
Scarf: giveaway from Andrea of a cat of impossible colour
Swirl pendant: second hand / Petrune vintage


Modesty is Pretty said...

You look so pretty with that outfit! I was going to do the challenge too but I don't have as many vintage clothes as I thought I had. I like the way you are wearing your scarf and very glad to see the kitties. =)

Anonymous said...

I check your post every day and look forward to your latest thoughts about life. I am very blessed to have a friend that is such a down-to-earth and wonderful person. See you tomorrow....

Velma Vex said...

My family is Norwegian-Swedish, from the upper midwest. We always celebrated Mayday (May 1) when I was a kid--both in school and at home.

My mother would help us make little baskets of sweets and flowers to leave in the morning at neighbors' doors and to bring to friends and our teachers. Usually there would be some sort of concert or dancing at school; I remember that we had a music teacher who was really into Mayday!

I'm curious: how do you celebrate this holiday at home?

Happy Mayday!

Charlotte said...

Happy Vappu! Now I know what I'll celebrate when guests come to dinner tonight. Your cats are sweet--it's so nice to see them enjoying the sun. I spent all day yesterday in the garden with Livvie asleep in the grass beside me for most of the time, when she wasn't running off to chase a bug. Dogs just don't behave like that. I'm glad to have both in my life. I like your summery outfit. Perfect for the day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Vappu for you too, you summery thing!I wish the weather would warm up here that I could wear something else than between-seasons clothes for a change! At least I,ve found a lovely new second hand shop in Helsinki, the prices are reasonable and the little shop itself is charming..(wish you were here...). And I have a couple of surprises waiting for you, treasures found at kierr├Ątyskaapeli. Vappu went (and our fellow finns got very drunk as usual). I stayed at home and went for a walk, picking those white forest flowers. And cleaned my closet, again, and found too much stuff that I didn't want to wear. Need to go thrifting with you!!! Sis.

mirattes said...

We also celebrate a 1st of May, but in our country it is "Work day". The strangest thing is in this "work day" that we always have a day off :)

Eyeliah said...

that was one giveaway I was dying to win (wont lie). is this a vintage one then? wasn't sure with those shoes? just email me or comment all your entries if you can ;-0) please enter, it has very low submissions right now.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh yay, so glad that it arrived safely!