Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How cats show their appreciation

As the temperature hit 80 F (about 27 C) before midday today, there was nothing more to do but to a) wear something summery, and b) get my bike out for a ride. I am immensely proud of myself: first, I didn't burn myself, and second, despite really struggling with all the up-hill biking that was involved in getting my butt to Salvation Army and back, I was only almost dying by the time I got home. I am in such bad shape it is shameful, but I made it! I got a couple of things at SA, but more of that tomorrow. In the meantime, I want to share something rather creepy with you guys.

You know how I've been saying how Cassie is almost like a different kitty since we had her shaved? Well, today before I went for my bike ride I figured that since Cassie loves the outdoors so much (and since there is no way she could ever escape from our fenced backyard, and she had fresh water and the option to choose either sun or shade), I decided to leave her outside for the short time I'd be away. It turns out that she was really, really grateful and wanted to do something for me in return.

She got me a little present, which she left neatly by the deck door. Yay.

Red star-print dress: second hand / Salvation Army
Lace vest: Rosie's old
Belt: second hand / UFF
Shoes: F-Troupe / Beamhill


Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Your red and white dress is adorable. Good for you getting exercise. I was sweltering all day today. Crazy weather we're getting out here, huh?
Can't wait to see your latest finds!

Jane W. said...

The lace on that blouse is wonderful, and I love the cheerful stars on your dress. Cassie might just be my new hair styling icon.

Modesty is Pretty said...

oh my!! What a surprise! I hope you're not scared of mice, I would have probably not even attempted to get near it. Does Cassie eat them? Well good job Cassie one less mouse to worry about. hehe =)
Great outfit, I love to see how you wear the same skirt in different ways. =)

Hattie said...

Hi : )

Your blog is positively amazing! I've just found it, and have spent the last hour or two reading your old posts. The commentaries on life in America are wonderful (and too true), and your thoughts on everything are always fresh. I love them. Anyway, just wanted to leave a comment on your gorgeous blog. Please keep it up!


Sal said...

Hahahaha! Our cats do the same thing. They are SO PROUD when they've caught a little vermin, they make sure to put it right where we can see it.

The star skirt is marvelous with the lacy top!

Eline said...

Haha, I love cats so much. One time a very old cat of mine (he was older than me back then and turned out to live for over 19 years) brought us a little rabbit but none of us had noticed it since it was winter and our cat had laid it in the garden. So by the time we discovered this little present, actually our babysitter at the time did, it froze up and was completely stiff. Not an exiting story but I still have nightmares of the dead rabbit's eyes :(

You look adorable today! Love the summer-y pattern mixing!

Charlotte said...

So far this week, Sven has left me a mouse, a chipmunk, a junco, and a woodpecker. The woodpecker was the hardest. Do you know how shy they are? They never leave the trees. I almost cried.
You have the strangest, most lovable blog. You write about serious, not-clothing-related things, and pair the postings with fashion photos.
It's always a treat to see what you've been up to!

jesse.anne.o said...

This is a seriously cute outfit!

wardrobeexperience said...

gorgeous outfit! love pairing of the lacy top with the stars print...