Thursday, 8 April 2010

My friends, the strangers

You know you spend too much time thinking about blogging when during a trip to Salvation Army you catch yourself looking at clothes you wouldn't consider for yourself, and think:

"Hmm, this wrap dress would look awesome on Eyeliah. Wish I had her figure."
"Oh! Franca would love these yellows and reds!"
"Hippyish folky blouses! Why isn't Milla here?"

As if that wasn't enough, I found myself reading this op-ed in the NYT this morning, wishing I could discuss its contents with Andrea. There are times when I wonder why I have this blog. As you probably know by now, it started out as a project to get rid of my too-many-clothes and to kick the mindless consumer out of me. It has turned into a diary of sorts, one that allowed me to meet my husband, and even though there are times when its purpose is not all that clear to me, it is because of blogging that I have developed a wonderfully strange, almost unreal connection to my fellow bloggers who come from the farthest corners of the world. We are strangers to each other, but oddly familiar, too.

I know I have written about this before, too. For some reason, my yesterday's trip to SA made it feel more real than usual. I realised that if it wasn't for my blog and the blogs of the people whose lives I spy on almost every day, I would have never bought this dress I am wearing today. The main reason I wear colours and prints now is partly because I have been inspired by countless other bloggers who do. And it is not just the way I dress. I realise that my thoughts and interests develop due to the intelligent and charming accounts on life that many bloggers record, on a daily basis. If it wasn't for Andrea, I probably wouldn't have stopped to read the op-ed, and that is just one example. I am inspired by the books you read and the movies you see, not to mention the personal stories you boldly tell. Yet, for the most part, I don't know your real names, and I don't know what your voices sound like.

I am not trying to come to any sort of a conclusion here - I just want to express to my fellow bloggers that you matter, a great deal! Anyway, in addition to the dress I am wearing today, here are my latest SA finds:

I got two skinny belts (99 cents each, and yay, finally found leather belts, not plastic ones!), the shoes ($4.99) and the star print blouse ($2.99). And no, I am not teaming the latter with red-and-white stripes. I am thinking more on the lines of a high-waisted pencil skirt and killer heels.

The dress cost $6.99. Because I can't seem to skip one post without mentioning our cats, here is yet another cat update. Cassie really insists on taking part in outfit photos, day after day:

Upstairs, Masa and Illusia are getting up close and personal:

Audrey's favourite thing to do in the mornings is to prevent me from reading my paper:

And Willow is a basket case.

Also, speaking of willows, our weeping willow is in bloom! I have a bad feeling the flowers will die overnight because it is going to be close to freezing. After today, you'll be seeing me in tights and long sleeves again. It turns out the weather is going to get cold. Well, it was fun for as long as it lasted!

Dress: second hand / Salvation Army
Shoes: second hand / Salvation Army
Hat: Gap
Necklace: Indiska


SnapandPrint said...

I love the necklace! It looks like something I would buy and wear with brightly coloured shrits or v-neck black tees.

I agree that by reading blogs everyday, I find myself more apt to try out new clothing ideas on my own after seeing something similar worn by someone on a blog post. I am actually quite happy that bloggers influence me this way because it is so easy to be stuck in a clothing rut.

Cassie makes a great outfit photo addition. I think she is just proud of her new "buzzcut" and seeks to show it off to the world as much as possible.

Jane W. said...

You look beautiful! Love the mixed prints with the necklace.

Eyeliah said...

haha! I do love that dress ;-) Yes, I totally think of bloggers when I am shopping!!! Sometimes I consider buying things to send off, but then I haven't done that yet. That dress again, I have to say wow!

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Also, I think you should try making some bermuda shorts. You'd look great in them!

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

This is an amazing dress and the shoes are just gorgeous. I love that I try to push my comfort zones because of the blogging community, because my day to day community doesn't really pay attention to clothes. I am so new to blogging but I get that feeling of community very much.
I love the kitty pictures. I know that my cat would be jealous of the card. They look so hapy.

Elissa said...

Hey!! I just read your comment on Style Symmetry about my blog... I must not have done a very good job getting the word out that I'm back! I started back up in the middle of Feb. Thanks for your kind words! So sorry to have left you out of the loop! Good news-- lots of fun reading to do. ;) I also did an outfit based on you! Keep up the thought provoking posts!!

Karima said...

beautiful outfit, beautiful photos! and i love your kitties!

my style and attitude to "shopping" has also evolved since blogging and still is. not only with clothes, but i try to be eco-friendly and less of a consumer in all that i do. thanks for the inspirational post!

Milla said...

What a beautiful folky number! We your fellow bloggers appreciate being taken along for your thrifting adventures, just as we were happy to see you find the man of your dreams, and hear about your beautiful kitties and your exciting new life and how we'll be very happy to see you wear that star dress.
It is divine!
I was also wondering if you got your permission to travel already? If not, have Chris contact his congressman's office and ask them to enquire about it. If they are willing to do it it works like a charm.

wardrobeexperience said...

can't wait to see the star print blouse on you!

this dress is beautiful too...


Anonymous said...

THESE ARE THE BEST KITTIES IN THE WORLD!!! (Apologies to all other kitty owners)!! Chris