Monday, 19 April 2010

Things to do

I am having one of those days that seem awfully busy even though I haven't really managed to get anything done. We spent the weekend up in Buffalo visiting Chris's older sister and her family, and we had a great time. Both Chris and myself have major lists-to-do for the next few days: 1) call green card people, 2) call people I haven't spoken to in a while, 3) get mobile phone fixed, 4) cull seedlings, 5) drag 40 bags of top soil to the back yard, 6) fill containers with top soil in question, 7) plant onions and other stuff, 8) spend time with kitties who missed us horribly while we were away, 9) clean the house, 10) paint the downstairs bathroom, and that's just the beginning, and most of this stuff I can't do before I wear something more suitable. I better get started. Despite all this random stuff going on, I have a couple of style-related posts coming up in a day or two that I am dying to share with you guys, because as usual, I have more questions than answers!

Pink sweater: second hand Dior / Salvation Army
Skirt: second hand / Salvation Army
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (who, by the way, is on the cover of this month's Marie Claire without makeup and photoshop, although I could swear I can see mascara)
Scarf: second hand / flea market


Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Look at your beautiful second hand finds! I love the skirt and the scarf. I traveled too and sadly have a mile long to do list (and I should list them too so I can keep track) and I am uber impressed with yours (cleaning and playing with kitty should be on mine, but it's on next week's list).
I think I read somewhere that JSimp is wearing some mascara or eye liner but the make up is supposedly missing on the skin?

Jane W. said...

I'm wearing a navy polka-dotted skirt today too (post to follow later), and I grew up in Buffalo. Hmmm. Spooky.

DVM said...

She totally has makeup on. She clearly has blush on in every picture, and in some pictures I see a little eye-liner, and light lip color as well. And I would say she likely has a light coat of overall concealer. What a crock! Yes, that will really make the average gal feel better about herself--show someone who supposedly has no makeup on, whose skin looks flawless (--why so flawless she doesn't even need makeup!). I've seen pictures of her out and about when she really doesn't have makeup on, and she doesn't look like she does in Marie Claire. The sad thing is that she actually does look better without makeup, and they still didn't show her that way. She looks great in Marie Claire, but it's certainly not a makeup-free look.

Eyeliah said...

osh you are busy!!! Homegrown onions, yummy! My neighbor when I was a kid had green onions I would pick thru the fence posts hehe.

Teenysparkles said...

Your busy list just reminded me that I am also supposed to be busy right now. Not sitting here that is. *sigh*
Good luck, and look forward to your style posts too.

vesperbeauty said...

It still kind of blows my mind that when I started reading this blog, you were half a world away, and today you're a stone's throw from where I live. Cool.