Friday, 16 April 2010


There are times when someone else's outfit just makes perfect sense. First Eyeliah wore this:

That unexpected combination of different types of stripes inspired Elissa to wear this:

And what do you know, I just couldn't help myself. Both of these looks seemed sophisticated, interesting and, well, just something I wanted to try out myself. The best thing about being inspired by a real person's outfit (as opposed to a picture in a magazine) is that a lot of times the end result ends up being dramatically different from the original. It doesn't feel like you are copying anything. It is more about sharing a viewpoint, and then going your different ways.

I mentioned yesterday that I bought a thing at SA. Well, it wasn't just a thing, it was actually four things, and this Calvin Klein linen skirt is one of those. Since white tags were 50% off, it cost $2.49 - you can't beat that! I love the colours and the length, as well as the material. There is something special about wearing linen. I love that it gets wrinkled and looks lived in.

Cassie managed to sneak into the photo:

Stripy tee: Max&Co.
Linen skirt: second hand Calvin Klein / Salvation Army
Belt: Max Mara
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Socks: Goldtoe


Teenysparkles said...

THat skirt is an amazing find. I like this ensemble!

Reginasaurus said...

I love this look! The skirt is incredible. xo

Charlotte said...

The shoes with socks are great. I like this outfit a lot!

Eyeliah said...

Ack! Thanks for the mention, now I am triple flattered. I so wish the three of us could get together in our outfits for an afternoon of tea, cookies and have a chat!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I would never have thought of pairing different stripes together but it looks great. I love the belt too.

Northmoon said...

Love the skirt, and the striped top works well with it.

Cute Cassie!

gina said...

The skirt is lovely. Great find!

I love this whole outfit: the shirt, the skirt, the belt, the socks, the sandals. Everything goes so well together and I love the relaxed yet pulled together vibe!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Cute!! I love the socks and sandals thing too, I really do need to find myself some nice socks to wear with sandals.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Mixing stripes: so simple yet really innovative. I love your outfit and all the other ones you've spotlighted. How do you make socks and sandals look so chic and put together?