Saturday, 22 May 2010

One stupid envelope, and jewellery

I had high hopes for an envelope that arrived from Homeland Security this morning. After realising that they just wanted to let me know that my green card case has been forwarded to a service centre in California (?!?) I figured out that I had two options: 1) to get depressed and start feeling sorry for myself, or 2) decide that I wasn't going to. I chose the latter.

I spent a fun afternoon with Lynn yesterday. We are getting Lynn's jewellery (I keep switching between 'jewellery' and 'jewelry' - I just can't decide which one I like better) ready for a big craft show in Ithaca and have a lot to do before we hit the road in two weeks from today. We didn't get too much work done yesterday because we were busy going through a huge bunch of vintage jewellery Lynn had acquired from EBay and a local second hand store. This is what she didn't want to keep and gave me:

I don't really know much about vintage jewellery, and I have no idea how old these things are. My guess is that the oldest ones are probably from the 1960s.

Some of it is clearly cheap 1980s stuff which I wouldn't call vintage, but some of it was fun anyway, and that really is all that matters.

I have no idea how much of this stuff I'll end up wearing, but I'll see what it all looks like after I've cleaned it.

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: second hand / Salvation Army
Belt: second hand / Salvation Army
Sandals: H&M


Modesty is Pretty said...

Those sandals are precious as is the whole outfit and your hair is coming along, the more it grows the better it starts looking, I think there is a stage when one's hair need doesn't quite look good but once it grows that stage it starts getting better, and you hair is looking good Miss Waves. Sorry to hear about your papers, wishing you the best though and that all the issues can be resolved soon so that you can see your family again.

jungleworldcitizen said...

They look cute :)
Have a nice weekend!

wardrobeexperience said...

i love vintage jewelery so much....(i change between using 'l' and 'll', too)
items from the 80 can be called vintage. clothing (or other stuff) has to be older than 20 years to be called vintage. (got this from german vogue)

Charlotte said...

Some pretty stuff here. For the record, it's "vintage" if it's over 25 years old, "antique" if it's over 50. So...amazingly, things from the 1980s can now be considered "vintage."
I am so glad this designation doesn't apply to people.

noel said...

ooh - what pretty jewels :) and love your shoes! i love anything gold and those are a great shape.

Laura said...

I really like the blouse you're wearing, with the skinny belt. :D

Jane W. said...

Wonderful combination of prints--you are the high priestess of mixology. Have fun in Ithaca. It's a great place, if you've never been there.