Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summertime issues

1) It is too warm to do layers. My clothes feel sticky either because of perspiration or sunscreen, or often both.

2) I don't like wearing shoes in the summer. Today I stepped on a slug. It was not pretty.

3) I don't own summer tops (hence the Muppet Show tank top, style circa 1998). Investing in summer tops always seemed silly to me in Finland because I never got the chance to wear them: if it was warm and sunny, I'd want to wear a dress instead. It seems to be very warm and sunny here a lot more often, meaning that I could use some cool summer tops to pair with skirts and shorts, because every day is not a dress day.

(4) In case it sounds like I am complaining about the weather, I am not!)

Check out my spinach, salads and zucchini (and a slug trap - those slimy creatures love their beer)! I realised today that I might have made some mistakes planting my seedlings - this container is fine, but I just put my cucumbers, beans and peas in another container that doesn't get quite enough sun. I hope this doesn't mean that nothing grows! What does "full sun" mean anyway? They say in seed bags and gardening books that almost every veggie needs "full sun", but if I gave full sun to my cucumbers, they'd die of heat exhaustion within hours, and I'd have to stand next to them with a watering can all day long. To me, even the recommended "at least 6 hours" sounds a bit much, but hey, I am new to this and I guess I'll learn what it is all about!

Muppet Show top: Zara
Skirt: self-made
Vintage brooch: America's Attic


Lucy said...

wow que linda camiseta.
te va muy bien


Modesty is Pretty said...

Thank you Waves for your very nice comment I appreciate it so much since you're one of my favorite bloggers. I love that top it reminds me of my childhood when I used to love watching the Muppet Show, except for Gonzo who I thought was pretty cute in the cartoon version but rather scary on the regular Muppet show.=)

a la Modest said...

Found your blog through Modesty is Pretty. I must say... your list of favorite movies and music is EXCELLENT :) I get really excited when I find fashion bloggers who have similar taste in music and films.

Charlotte said...

What a cool, happy outfit, Waves! The summer I spent in Helsinki was blissful because it was so cool. In the Eastern U.S., it's much more humid and hot. Being sticky makes me cross!
I think most plants appreciate some shade in the hot, late afternoon. As we do...

Eyeliah said...

What a cute tank, and that must had made quite the sluggy mess (ewwww!)

jungleworldcitizen said...

You're wearing my favorite pair of shoes :D

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the Muppet tank! I have a t-shirt with Muppets on it that I like to work out in sometimes.

I also have very few summer tops in large part because they seem to get stained and ratty after one season....