Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I was going to wear a different skirt with the blouse, but carrying a panic-struck kitty who peed on me pretty much sealed the deal and I ended up with this one. I actually like it better than the one I originally wore. I always love it when a simple Salvation Army piece turns out to be a true gem that I keep wearing all the time. This star-print skirt is certainly one of those, as is my blue polka-dot skirt. I often wonder what makes a successful purchase, and more often that not, it is all about falling in love with a piece of clothing that has an easy-going comfort factor written all over it.

I used to be interested in buying standout pieces, but the older I get, the more I seem to appreciate functionality and comfort over looks only. Luckily comfortable clothes can stand out, too, and there is something to be said about ease and personality shining through when you wear something you feel comfy in. I tend to feel akward wearing something very dressy, something too short, a colour that is out of my comfort-zone, or shoes that don't quite fit. It just shows a mile away. Speaking of shoes, Sal posted recently about comfortable shoes that still look cool and sexy - check it out if you are in need of new walk-in-heels-without-killing-yourself tips.

My current comfort rules include a) room to move freely (circle-skirts are fantastic), b) tops that are long enough (I hate, hate, HATE having to pull down my top because I have a long torso), c) steering away from padded and underwired bras, and d) going for shoes that I can walk in without having to think about what I look like while walking in them. Do you guys have comfort rules you'd care to share?

Blouse, skirt and belt: second hand / Salvation Army
Shoes: Steve Madden
Socks: ?
Necklace and earrings: JBL
I *heart* cats badge: Tom's


jungleworldcitizen said...

Panties have got to be comfortable! It should never show, it should be "invisible" yet comfortable :)

Modesty is Pretty said...

I agree with the underwear, especially bras, same as you,no underwire or push-ups bras! There's some of us small breasted girls who are just as happy with out small chest as any double D, no reason to make all small size bras push-up. With shoes I must say I will endure the pain because I love heels,I just have to learn how to walk in them properly. Skirts not too short and no sleeves or see through materials because I have tattoos and well, lets just say I don't like to show them off, especially when I'm at work with the children. Long sleeves are also something I steer away from, unless I can fold them up I'm fine.

tigerteacher said...

I love this pattern combo and the necklace is perfect!

My comfort rules are a bit out of whack this summer because they're out of sync with what's in stores right now. I just don't like to wear above the knee styles with bare legs. There I said it. Spring and Fall with tights or leggings I'm fine with something shorter. But I just like to move around too much to have to be worried about tugging at my skirt or dress every time I bend or sit. And I'm with you on shirts being long enough - I hate sitting down and having to tug my shirt to keep from having my back exposed.

Sal said...

Thanks for the shout-out, my dear!

I'll admit to sacrificing comfort fairly often, but my cardinal rule is no pinching or subdividing. HATE that.

Christy said...

Very pretty skirt! perfect for summer.

Dress Rehearsal

Charlotte said...

In my universe, comfort trumps everything. It's just that clothes can be comfortable AND stylish, so there's no excuse for trolling about in sweatpants outside the gym. Too-tight clothes are the big taboo. And clothes that scratch. I don't like to think about my clothes once I put them on. They need to be THAT comfortable.

Teenysparkles said...

I was just talking about this with a salesperson the other day. SHOES. They have to be able to walk long distances, pushing a buggy, with 45 kg of kids and shopping in it. For ages I've put off buying some new pretty shoes, but recently found some very comfy cute hush puppies that i think I'll have to buy. Great post!

Eyeliah said...

Good question (and sorry about the pee!) Not too tight on my stomach, shoes that don’t rub and a low enough heel (or flats), if it’s raining (in Vancouver) shoes that I won’t freak out if they get wet, avoid bra strap showing and also skirt not too short if it’s a windy day! ;-)

Cynthia said...

I hate belts. Spurred by my own recent foray into fashion-blogging, I've been buying, or at least trying belts. Belting and tucking. Argh. I don't like it. I like layered soft things that are shaped enough to show I have a shape. If I wear a belt I like it to drape heavily at the level of my hipbones. Waist belts drive me batty -- they make me self-conscious all day, and if they're lightweight, they seem to move around a lot and need to be picked and poked at.

So I don't wear them. I'm the original empire line girl and my pants sit low. Thank god I'm a college professor and I can dress as I like most days.

Oddly enough, and contrary to your experience, I became much more comfortable in bras once I learned to choose and wear underwires. Even highly structured contour or minimizing underwires. My waist may want to be free but the ladies like to be caged.

Becky said...

I definitely agree with jungleworldcitizen - my undies have to be comfy or I go crazy! Skirts also can't be too short and neither can shirts. Also I'm tall and have wide shoulders, so I prefer my shirts to be able to fit my shoulders - it's really uncomfortable when it's so tight.

Your outfit is cute as always!