Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Worrying Kind

What a week we are having! As we are supposed to be getting ready to leave for Finland this coming Sunday, all sorts of troubles have been accumulating. Our kitty, Illusia, has been ill, and after throwing up for two days because of antibiotics, she is now spending the night at the vet's, the poor thing. Also, I was supposed to get fingerprinted by Homeland Security before leaving the US, but the paperwork is late, which will end up delaying my green card process. Oh, and Chris broke his right hand index finger the other day.

I am trying to get the house (and garden) ready for us to leave town, and even though we have the most reliable cat-sitters and garden-tenders on call, I still worry about everything coming together. Will they realise to pinch the suckers off the tomato plants? Are the kitties just going to be hiding in the basement while we are away? Is there enough beer in the slug traps? Should I harvest some of the herbs before we go? What should I pack? Of course, none of this is a major problem, and everything will be sorted out, but you know, sometimes one just worries, wears loose clothes and tries desperately to take it easy. I've just always been of the worrying kind, and shaking things off my shoulders is difficult for me. I have written 'to do' lists and 'what to pack' lists for as long as I can remember to help me control my frantic mind, but for whatever reason it is not really helping this time. I just feel unorganized and inefficient.

On a happier note, we just saw Toy Story 3, and it is a really cute, moving film. Go see it! Also, we have little baby robins on our backyard!

Silk tunic and top: Urban Outfitters
Linen trousers: Mango
Sandals: H&M
Scarf: flea market
Abalone necklace: JBL


Shey said...

Oh you look so cute with your hair like that! Love the outfit, so cool! Hope you two have a great trip and that you enjoy the time with your family! Take lots of pictures=)
Oh and don't worry so much about things to do, worrying doesn't help any! Best wishes!

tigerteacher said...

Such a cute outfit! I love the scarf in your hair - it looks perfect. I'm always struggling with scarf tying for hair and the knot/bow always ends up too large or too small. Maybe I need to try an oblong scarf instead of a square?

Sal said...

Yoiks! Such stress! Hope everything calms down soon, and am so impressed that you look relaxed and chic in every single photo.

Academic Writer (a.k.a. A-Dubs) said...

'So sorry to hear that you're feeling frantic, and that your poor kitty has been sick. You look lovely - though I suspect this knowledge helps nothing.

But it will all get done, and you'll be away. Just as it always gets done, and you always get away. Best wishes for safe and happy travels.

Anonymous said...

Honey, I just read this through very quickly on a break at work, but tell me please, why do you want the garden tenders to pinch the slugs in the basement, and do we really want to make sure the kitties have enough beer when they are hiding?? I may have missed something here and there. Can't wait for the trip!! :) Love you sweetie, CR

Raquelita said...

Poor kitty! And poor you! It sounds like your under a lot of stress. I hope everything gets sorted out with the green card process so that it's not delayed too much.

You look so chic with that scarf! Safe travels!

Charlotte Holmes said...

Your tunic is provoking envy over here.
We spent a month in Finland, leaving our house and pets in charge of our college-aged son.
On our return, the garden was still growing (though he hadn't paid much attention to it), the pets were still alive and well, and we'd had a fabulous time.
The only "consequence" was that he'd done a ton of painting while he was staying back at home (as opposed to his tiny apartment) and I had to go around with a rag soaked in mineral spirits, taking oil paint off the refrigerator, the banister, etc. Tiny price to pay for a trip whose memories will last a lifetime.
Go, and don't worry about it.

Eyeliah said...

Oh my, I hope you get it all organized in time (sure you will). Everyone has been saying that, I think I need to go see Toy Story 3. :-)