Thursday, 8 July 2010


Greetings from Finland! Chris and I spent a very busy week hanging out with my relatives and friends last week - we experienced everything from an Arcade Fire concert in the centre of historic Helsinki to the beauty of the archipelago, sauna and fresh fish (oh, how I had missed good fresh fish!). Chris had to return to the US on Tuesday this week, but I am still here for a couple of weeks to finish up with paperwork, spend time with the people I love, to browse through flea markets and second hand stores (oops...), and to admire the wonders of Finnish summer.

The weather has been amazing, and I have felt like wearing pretty, feminine dresses and skirts. Walking in the midst of dozens of sleek, trendy studs&leggings-wearing urbanites in Helsinki I have felt a little out of place, but who cares! This is what I wore today:

Blouse: mom's old
Skirt: second hand / UFF
Belt: Tuuli's old
Shoes: F-Troupe / Beamhill
Handbag: Max Mara Weekend
Head piece: SusuPetal / Harakan Taivas second hand store

And here are a couple of other outfits I have worn recently:

Blouse: flea market
Skirt: second hand / Fida
Shoes: F-Troupe / Beamhill
Handbag: Max Mara Weekend

Dress made of recycled materials: Plan B
Sandals: H&M
Pegasus pendant: random antique store

Dress: Zara
Sandals: H&M


Modesty is Pretty said...

You look totally amazing in all the pictures,but my favorite outfit has got to be the very first one! And you are smiling in all the pictures! You look so beautiful smiling =D I guess you have so many things to smile about,your family, your country, great fish! Awesome thrift stores! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hello from New York. Love the outfits and the scenery. I will see you in a couple weeks. Your friend Lynn

Teenysparkles said...

Hey! You look so pretty! Especially that green dress, it looks wonderful on you and so appropriate with the sea in the background!

FashionTheorist said...

I'm glad you're having a lovely trip! I've missed your posts.

Charlotte said...

I love the Plan B dress, especially, but in all of the photos, you look serene and transcendent.

wardrobeexperience said...

the first out fit is sooo amazing... and your smile is as beautiful as a summerday! you seem to feel very happy!

keep on smiling....

Dorky Medievalist said...

You look so happy in all of these photos. And that Plan B dress is lovely and amazing.

gina said...

Lovely dresses! Glad you were able to work out your immigration issues and go abroad!