Saturday, 31 July 2010

Park Here

I had one of those mornings when it just took me forever to get dressed. I started with a colourful corset top that I bought yesterday at UFF's everything-for-2-euros sale, and tried at least five different skirts with it. Then I gave up on the top (for today, that is) and switched skirts again. I settled for this Forte_Forte skirt, added a t-shirt and a couple of chunky necklaces. I was pleased with the Wuthering Heights-meets-Blair Witch Project outcome. After I was done, it amazed me that something this effortless took so much time and energy.

The whole process got me thinking that I should have taken pictures of each outfit I tried on, to show you guys how crazy it can get, and how the final outfit is born. I think I will start doing that occasionally; it would be a fun read, and because I refuse to take my style too seriously, it would also provide everyone with good, heart-felt laughs every once in a while.

I found these ballet flats at UFF, too, for 2 euros.

T-shirt: Only
Skirt: Forte_Forte / Nina's
Ballet flats: second hand / UFF
Blair Witch Project (not really) necklace: Hietsu flea market
Vintage necklace: Aino flea market


Aury said...

I really like that top. The blue is so intense.

Charlotte said...

Waves, I especially love this subtle combination of prints! I'm often reluctant to mix prints, so when somebody gets it right, I'm always interested to see why it works. These are great colors on you.