Friday, 9 July 2010

Thrifted treasures

Thrifting in Helsinki feels so different compared to my Salvation Army trips in New York. I love going to smaller shops rather than one huge space. The clothes look different - the colours, the shapes, the trends that are presented. The prices are way higher, but then again I haven't quite had the time to visit the smaller flea markets in the suburban areas where the big, super cheap fish swim. So far I have thrifted these two 1960s necklaces (they were a little pricier than I would have liked, 3,50 and 5 euros):

Two cute blouses, 2 and 1 euros respectively:

A 1970s dress. The prices at UFF have really gone through the roof. I thought long and hard whether to pay 17 euros for this dress, but I decided to get it eventually, thinking that I could wear it regardless of the season, and I do really love the colour and the pattern.

I also found these two scarves, for 50 cents each:

I have to be pretty careful not to go crazy while thrifting here. There is only so much I can fit into my suitcase, and the prices are way too high for my liking. To fund some of the thrifting my sister and I are going to sell our old stuff at the Hietsu flea market on Sunday the 18th. More on that once we get closer to the date!


Sal said...

Those necklaces were totally worth the splurge. The green one is particularly fab!

Charlotte said...

Maybe the positive side of higher prices is that you DO really have to think long & hard about whether you really want the item. That keeps down the haul.
When I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked at how high the prices were in the thrift stores. As in, $35 for a dress...when I'm used to paying $3.99 here. But I got some great stuff. Just not as much of it!
Have fun!