Monday, 9 August 2010

I've created monsters!

For weeks Chris had been telling me over the phone that my vegetable garden project was expanding by the minute. At some point he asked me what to do about the beans (freeze them) and whether a foot-long zucchini was long enough (yes). Still, I couldn't believe my eyes when I actually saw what he had been talking about. It's a jungle out here!

Who says it isn't worth it to grow rosemary from seed?

And who says that if broccoli seedlings are devoured by caterpillars, they die?

Chris grew sunflowers. The prettiest ones are already sort of dead, but these ones are about 8 ft tall.

The cucumber plants behind me seem to be having some issues with mildew. There are online sources that say that mildew is a major trouble and that I need to destroy the plants immediately, but my gardening books just say that it is normal and I should just water them more. Sometimes I just hate the internet. Too much information, too much confusion! The plants are already bearing fruit, and they are blooming beautifully. There are just white patches on the leaves, and some of the lower leaves are dying and falling out. Any gardeners out there? What should I do?

Dress: Salvation Army


Sarah said...

I'd leave the cucumbers in for now--maybe watch them and if they start to look really unhealthy yank them out then. But the plants look pretty good in your picture!

(Then again, you might not want to take advice from me--we've watched 2 successive sets of cuke seedlings shrivel and wilt this summer.)

I'm commenting mostly to say that I'll be really interested in following your Great American Apparel Diet journey. One thing I'd love to see more documentation of is when you acquired various items in your wardrobe (you often note that something is "old" but how old?). Maybe one can't be expected to remember such dates but I think it will be interesting to see if you gravitate more toward relatively recently acquired pieces, or if pieces that you've had for longer become the real workhorses of your wardrobe.

Teenysparkles said...

haha! I absolutely adore this post for your gardening pics!!! So hard to believe that we have brocolli growing at the same time (i'm in the southern hemisphere) - i had heaps of snails and caterpillars which devoured the leaves but the florets themselves were fine. That luscious burnt red and orangey colour looks amazing on you too.

Charles said...

wow! incredible! I wish there weren't all those sneaky animals around here destroying any possible chance of crops! xx

jesse.anne.o said...

I have no idea re cukes but well done on the garden! I'm envious!

Milla said...

Congrats again on the great american apparel diet! I think I shant be embarking on this particular mode of apparel reduction, but I do have some of my own measures in place. I try really hard not to spend more than 356 dollars (or euros when I lived in Finland) on clothing and accessories and shoes per year (i figure if people can live on a dollar a day that should be luxuriant for my clothes shopping). I also do not buy new clothing at all. Well, save for underwear.

I really admire your commitment and find it slightly funny that myself and many others as well as folks on the diet think of it as something that would be pretty hard to do. I mean, like you said, we have closetfuls of clothes just waiting to be worn.

Says something about this society we've grown up in.

As for the cukes, if possible, I would cull the affected leaves, Culling can be a good tool to direct energy where you need it, the fruit that is.

Eyeliah said...

Wow, I am super impressed, your garden is looking incredible. My friend who is moving away gave me her money tree plant, and it turned brown in 3 days under my care – ugh!