Tuesday, 24 August 2010

TGAAD 3/52: Temptations in Magazines

Week 3 of my Great American Apparel Diet has coincided with the release of fashion magazines' September issues. I feel vulnerable. Since I am a bit of a style adventurer, new trends often appeal to me, not because I want to be trendy, but because of the keyword new. New, in my mind at least, equals exciting, fascinating, the unknown with potential. I suddenly find myself drawn to camel coats and Pierre Hardy for Gap booties. Knit skirts, anyone? A leopard print pencil skirt, perhaps? Cable-knit sweaters, belted, please! I'd try all, and probably love few.

During the past week, I have had two dreams about shopping. In the first one, I was walking around in a huge showroom, with my former boss, who explained to me that this store in question had found the new Burberry Prorsum shearling aviator jackets cheaper than anyone else, and that the store next door had had to spent 200 000 euros on them. I remember touching one of the jackets, feeling the soft leather, and wanting to try it on. In real life, the shearling aviator jacket is one of this fall's trends that I would personally avoid like the plague: they are all over every single fashion magazine. The jacket looks dated, fashion victim-y and out to me already, even if I haven't even seen one walk down the street yet. It's just been overexposed. In my dream, I still wanted one.

In the second dream, I was in a shoe store that was having a massive sale. I tried on a pair of bright red, pointy-toed high heels with a white leather weave detail. (I would never consider wearing pointy-toed shoes in real life - I hold that style responsible for ruining my feet back in the day.) The original price of the shoes was $380, and I could get them for $30. I told the shop assistant that I was on TGAAD, and could not buy them. She leaned over, and said: "Who's going to know?", and then answered her own question: "No one's going to know". I bought the shoes and felt horrible.

After I had woken up and realised what I had dreamt about, I felt guilty, knowing that dreams don't count. No, I haven't bought anything in real life, and yes, I feel just as strong as I did three weeks ago, but the temptation is there. I can feel it in my bones, and see it in fashion magazines.

Top: Kohl's, bought this spring
Skirt: JC, bought two years back
Ankle boots: Bronx, bought last year
Vintage necklace: America's Attic, bought this spring


Charlotte said...

I adore that top, Waves. The skirt's frisky, too.

Cynthia said...

Wow. I have not had any shopping dreams yet, but I have had temptations. Mostly to get the brown version of the pants I'm wearing today because I love them SO much. No one would know...except me. Be strong.

Modesty is Pretty said...

Hehe that is funny! I have not had dreams about shopping so far althought I have been going to websites and adding things to carts until the total price is way too much and then I delete the whole thing! I must confess I almost bought a pair of Frye boots the other day only to realize that they didn't have my size (lucky for me or else I would have bought them and broken my shopping diet). I have spent this week's 15 bucks on ice cream for my son and I and I've been so busy shopping is not an option but I am under a lot of stress and I have thought "I should reward myself by buying something cute, I deserve it after all the stress" Bad, I know, sometimes I wish I only had a few clothes in my small closet, so few that I could see the back of my closet without having to force my hands to move the hangers out of the way just to pull out a garment. Stay strong on your shopping diet! Three weeks of no shopping is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that almost sounds like withdrawal symptoms ;) Wishing you luck, though, I'm myself during a year of "reading from home", that is no buying new books for a year- second month is going on and I'm still holding on (and still have plenty to read at home). I do get dreams about books. And libraries.
Cheers to you!

Eyeliah said...

Your dreams remind me of ‘dream cheating’ so much guilt, lol