Thursday, 19 August 2010

When in Doubt...

... wear a white t-shirt. Sorry for the lack of posts and comments! I've been busy painting our kitchen and getting my biometrics taken for the green card (I had to drive up to Syracuse for that). And I've also been lazy. I still have one wall to paint, and also tons of weeds to get rid of - the garden is all over the place. It has got to the point where I am having trouble figuring out where to start, and instead of starting at all, I have watched all episodes of the new season of Project Runway, and investigated Goya's portrayal of madhouses.

Thank you all, for your great comments regarding the Stieg Larsson post! With the help of your comments I figured that a great deal of my disliking of the book has to do with my ambivalence toward crime fiction, which in turn comes down to something as simple as personal taste. All in all, I guess there is not much point in reading books one is not naturally drawn to, but I have to say that sometimes reading an unsatisfactory book makes one think as much as an excellent reading experience, especially when so many of you had something to say on the topic. So a big thank you goes to those of you who always faithfully comment, to those of you who hadn't commented before, as well as to the new readers who were kind of enough to let their presence be known.

Asymmetrical t-shirt: JC, bought a couple of years back, I think
Shorts: second hand Sportmax - I have had these for at least four years
Sandals: Trippen - bought them last summer, they are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of shoes I own
Handbag: MaxMara Weekend - bought this with a massive discount two years ago
Sunglasses: Gucci - bought them in London, sheesh, six years ago, perhaps?
Elephant pendant: Aino flea market, bought this summer


Modesty is Pretty said...

What an awesome outfit, so casual and comfy for a day out running errands. =)

Teenysparkles said...

I love those shorts! Reading....taste is personal isn't it; you like some books and you loathe some books.

Charlotte said...

Much more interesting outfit than the jeans & tee-shirts most of us wear when we're out doing errands, Waves. Good luck on the mad-house research. I look forward to seeing what you uncover.

Becky said...

I adore those sandals! They look super chic and comfy. Good luck with painting and weeding.

I definitely approve of reading books you're interested in! And definitely let us know what you're reading - I'm always up for new books.